Swedish girl names: Top 100 most popular names for girls in Sweden

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Today’s top Swedish girl baby names

Discover the beauty of today’s top Swedish girl baby names

If you’re about to welcome a baby girl into your life, selecting a Swedish name is one option that’s captivated many parents. Swedish girl names often carry an elegant, timeless charm and may be an excellent choice for families who want to honor their Scandinavian heritage or simply try something a bit different.

Why consider Swedish girl names?

Swedish names frequently offer a blend of tradition and modernity. While some names have been popular in Sweden for generations, they are less common in other parts of the world, giving them a unique appeal. You might also appreciate the melodic, lyrical qualities that many Swedish names possess.

Prominent Swedish figures can provide inspiration. Take, for example, names like Greta (as in the Barbie movie director Greta Grunberg, environmental activist Greta Thunberg, or the aforementioned Garbo).

Another well-known name is Astrid, made famous by Astrid Lindgren, the author of the classic Pippi Longstocking children’s book series — as well as the name of a main character in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. Speaking of movies, there’s also the beautiful classic first name Ingrid, for the legendary Casablanca actress Ingrid Bergman, who was born in Stockholm back in 1915.

Important factors to consider

One thing to keep in mind is the pronunciation of the name you choose. Some Swedish names might be challenging for English speakers to pronounce correctly, which could lead to frequent corrections. Consider how the name will be received in your own community, and how it will fit with your last name.

Pop culture and modern influences

While traditional names like Ingrid and Elsa have been popular for generations, more modern names are gaining traction in Sweden as well. Names like “Maja” or “Freja” are becoming increasingly popular, and they blend well with both Swedish and English-speaking cultures.

Swedish girl names from the top lists

Here are some of our favorite pretty and popular Swedish girl baby names that you might want to consider — but you can see many more first names below!


Naming your baby girl is an exciting journey, and choosing a Swedish name can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to her identity. Whether you opt for a name with deep historical roots or a more modern twist, you’re sure to find a beautiful option that feels just right for your new bundle of joy.

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100 most popular names for baby girls in Sweden

No matter whether you have ties to this Nordic country, just have a love for all things Swedish, or just want to find a beautiful and unique name for your little flicka (girl), check out this list of the top 100 Swedish girl names. (PS: You can find still more Swedish baby names listed here!)

You can sort this baby name list by popularity rank, in alphabetical order, or by the number of letters in the name -- or also choose to view some or all of the records. (Search for all or part of a baby name using the search area on the upper right of the table.)

RankName# of letters
1Alice5 letters
2Olivia6 letters
3Astrid6 letters
4Maja4 letters
5Vera4 letters
6Ebba4 letters
7Ella4 letters
8Wilma5 letters
9Alma4 letters
10Lilly5 letters
11Elsa4 letters
12Agnes5 letters
13Freja5 letters
14Saga4 letters
15Ellie5 letters
16Clara5 letters
17Signe5 letters
18Alva4 letters
19Alicia6 letters
20Selma5 letters
21Ester5 letters
22Stella6 letters
23Julia5 letters
24Ines4 letters
25Leah4 letters
26Ellen5 letters
27Molly5 letters
28Iris4 letters
29Sara4 letters
30Luna4 letters
31Isabelle8 letters
32Nora4 letters
33Nova4 letters
34Hedda5 letters
35Mila4 letters
36Nellie6 letters
37Sofia5 letters
38Lova4 letters
39Juni4 letters
40Elvira6 letters
41Linnéa6 letters
42Emilia6 letters
43Sigrid6 letters
44Celine6 letters
45Elise5 letters
46Edith5 letters
47Emma4 letters
48Lykke5 letters
49Liv3 letters
50Lo2 letters
51Thea4 letters
52Meja4 letters
53Livia5 letters
54Tuva4 letters
55Isabella8 letters
56Sally5 letters
57Majken6 letters
58Maria5 letters
59Leia4 letters
60Hailey6 letters
61Tyra4 letters
62Elin4 letters
63Amelia6 letters
64Lovisa6 letters
65Märta5 letters
66Rut3 letters
67Ida3 letters
68Ingrid6 letters
69Bianca6 letters
70Hanna5 letters
71Ronja5 letters
72Jasmine7 letters
73Stina5 letters
74Svea4 letters
75Cleo4 letters
76Melissa7 letters
77Hilma5 letters
78Filippa7 letters
79Hedvig6 letters
80Julie5 letters
81Tilde5 letters
82Lovis5 letters
83Siri4 letters
84Felicia7 letters
85Cornelia8 letters
86Elina5 letters
87Elsie5 letters
88Joline6 letters
89Hilda5 letters
90Mira4 letters
91Moa3 letters
92Melina6 letters
93Bonnie6 letters
94Mariam6 letters
95Matilda7 letters
96Wilda5 letters
97Bella5 letters
98Millie6 letters
99My2 letters
100Amanda6 letters
101Victoria8 letters

Source: Statistics Sweden, Stockholm – 2019

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