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If you like the name Astrid, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

With its roots deeply embedded in Norse mythology and Scandinavian heritage, the name Astrid comes packed with meaning and history.

Historical significance

The name Astrid originates from Old Norse, where “ás” means “god” and “fríðr” means “beautiful,” “beloved,” or “fair.” It’s a name that has been borne by queens and princesses, notably Queen Astrid of Belgium, who remains a beloved figure in Belgian history.

Popularity and trends

While Astrid may not be as common as names like Emma or Olivia, its uniqueness could be seen as an asset. According to the US Social Security Administration, Astrid has been gradually climbing the charts in recent years, signaling a growing appreciation for its blend of grace and strength.

Celebrity and fictional associations

You might be familiar with Astrid from various cultural references. One of the more recent well-known characters is Astrid Leong from the “Crazy Rich Asians” book and movie, who was admired for her poise and intelligence.

Astrid has also made appearances in popular movies like “How to Train Your Dragon,” where Astrid Hofferson is a strong, fearless Viking. These characters often embody the virtues of both beauty and bravery, aligning well with the name’s etymology.

Compatibility with sibling names

If you’re considering how Astrid might fit in with the names of potential or existing siblings, it often pairs well with names that also have strong historical or mythological roots. Names like Odin, Freya, or even more common ones like Alexander or Eleanor could make a well-matched set.

Things to consider

While the name is rich in history and meaning, it’s always good to consider how it may be received in your own cultural context. Its pronunciation may vary by region, and while it’s a name of Scandinavian origin, its international appeal has grown, especially in European countries.

Astrid is a name steeped in history, blending elements of grace and strength. It’s a unique yet increasingly popular choice that brings with it a touch of royal elegance.


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