73 three-syllable girl names that are beautiful & timeless options for your baby daughter

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Discover dazzling 3-syllable girl names

Choosing a name for your baby is a big job, but a fun one, too. If you find beauty in names that flow with a rhythmic cadence, you might consider three-syllable girl names. These names often have a lyrical quality that many parents find charming.

Three-syllable names are often easy to say and remember, which can be a huge plus as your little one starts to socialize. Additionally, these names tend to pair well with both shorter and longer last names, creating a harmonious balance.

Three-syllable girl names inspired by popular culture & more

You might consider the name Miranda (mih-RAN-duh). Though it first gained attention from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, it’s also recognized today thanks to fictional characters like Miranda Hobbes in the popular TV show Sex and the City. The name has Latin origins, and means “worthy of admiration.”

The name Vivica (VIV-ih-kuh) gained modern attention thanks in part to actress Vivica A. Fox, known for her roles in films such as Independence Day and Kill Bill. The name has Scandinavian origins, and means “war fortress.”

Aria (AH-ree-uh) is another three-syllable girl name that has caught the public’s eye, thanks in part to its role in the TV show Pretty Little Liars. Originating from Italy, the name means “melody” or “song.”

If superhero movies are more your speed, you might be drawn to the name Natasha (nuh-TAH-shuh). The character Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has helped popularize this name. It has Russian origins, and signifies “born on Christmas Day.”

For fans of romantic comedies, the name Bethany (BETH-uh-nee) could be appealing. This name, which has Hebrew origins and means “house of figs,” gained contemporary relevance from its inclusion in films like He’s Just Not That Into You.

Madeline (MAD-uh-lin) is a name that resonates with both young and old. Besides its French roots and meaning “of Magdala” — an ancient town located in what is now modern-day Israel — it’s a name celebrated in modern children’s literature and animation for embodying traits of bravery and friendship.

If you’re inspired by real-life heroes, Serena (suh-REE-nuh) might be the name for you. This name has gained contemporary prominence thanks to tennis superstar Serena Williams and has Latin roots meaning “tranquil, serene.”

If you appreciate names that are rich in history or have a specific cultural context, there are plenty of 3-syllable names to explore. For example, Elena (eh-LAY-nuh) is a name of Greek origin — a variation of the name Helen — and means “bright, shining light.” Another elegant choice could be Naomi (nay-OH-mee), which has Hebrew roots and means “pleasantness.”

For those who feel a special connection to the natural world, names like Aurora (uh-ROHR-uh), which refers to the natural light display in the Earth’s sky.

Three-syllable girl names that are beautiful and timeless options for your baby

Alphabetized list of 3-syllable girl names

Here’s a list of a wide variety of 3-syllable names for girls, all of which are among the top 1000 names as of 2023, according to the Social Security Administration.

3-syllable girl names

  1. Abigail (AB-ih-gayl): Hebrew origin, meaning “my father’s joy”
  2. Abrielle (uh-BREE-uhl): Derivation of Gabrielle, a Hebrew term for “God is my strength”
  3. Addison (AD-ih-suhn): English origin, meaning “son of Adam”
  4. Adrienne (AY-dree-en): French origin, meaning “from Hadria”
  5. Alannah (uh-LAN-uh): Irish origin, meaning “darling child”
  6. Allison (AL-ih-suhn): English origin, meaning “noble”
  7. Alyssa (uh-LIS-uh): Greek origin, meaning “rational”
  8. Amanda (uh-MAN-duh): Latin origin, meaning “worthy of love”
  9. Amelia (uh-MEEL-yuh): Germanic origin, meaning “work”
  10. Angela (AN-juh-luh): Latin origin, meaning “messenger of God”
  11. Annabelle (AN-uh-bel): Latin origin, meaning “graceful beauty”
  12. Aquinnah (Ah-QUIN-nah): Native American name for a place in Massachusetts
  13. Aria (AH-ree-uh): Italian origin, meaning “air” or “melody”
  14. Ariel (AIR-ee-uhl): Hebrew origin, meaning “lion of God”
  15. Athena (uh-THEE-nuh): Greek origin, meaning “goddess of wisdom and warfare”
  16. Aurora (uh-ROHR-uh): Latin origin, meaning “dawn”
  17. Avery (AY-vuh-ree): English origin, meaning “elf counsel”
  18. Bethany (BETH-uh-nee): Hebrew origin, meaning “house of figs”
  19. Brianna (bree-AN-uh): Irish origin, the feminine form of Brian, meaning “strong, virtuous, and honorable”
  20. Camila (kuh-MEE-luh): Latin origin, meaning “young ceremonial attendant”
  21. Catherine (KATH-uh-rin): Greek origin, meaning “pure”
  22. Corabelle (KOR-uh-bel): English origin, a compound of Cora and Belle, meaning “maiden beautiful”
  23. Deborah (DEB-or-uh): Hebrew origin, meaning “bee”
  24. Dominique (DOM-ih-neek): Latin origin, meaning “of the Lord”
  25. Elena (eh-LAY-nuh): Greek origin, meaning “bright, shining light”
  26. Elouise (el-oo-WEEZ): French origin, meaning “famous warrior”
  27. Emery (EM-er-ee): German origin, meaning “brave, powerful”
  28. Emily (EM-ih-lee): Latin origin, meaning “rival”
  29. Evelyn (EV-eh-lin): English origin, meaning “wished for” or “longed for”
  30. Everleigh (EV-er-lee): English origin, meaning “from Ever’s meadow”
  31. Fiona (fee-OH-nuh): Gaelic origin, meaning “white, fair”
  32. Gabrielle (GAB-ree-el): Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my strength”
  33. Genevieve (JEN-uh-veev): French origin, meaning “tribe woman”
  34. Gloria (GLOR-ee-uh): Latin origin, meaning “glory”
  35. Helena (hel-AY-nuh): Greek origin, meaning “bright, shining light”
  36. Imogen (IM-uh-jin): English origin, meaning “maiden”
  37. Isabel (IZ-uh-bel): Spanish origin, meaning “pledged to God”
  38. Jennifer (JEN-uh-furr): Cornish form of Guinevere, meaning “white, fair”
  39. Jessica (JES-ih-kuh): Hebrew origin, meaning “foresight” or “to behold”
  40. Katrina (kuh-TREE-nuh): Greek origin, derived from Catherine, meaning “pure”
  41. Kennedy (KEN-uh-dee): Irish origin, meaning “misshapen head” or “helmet head”
  42. Kimberly (KIM-bur-lee): English origin, originally a place name
  43. Lenora (leh-NOR-uh): English origin, derived from Eleanor, meaning “light”
  44. Liana (lee-AH-nuh): French origin, meaning “to climb like a vine”
  45. Lillian (LIL-ee-uhn): English origin, derived from the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”
  46. Louisa (loo-WEE-zuh): German origin, meaning “famous warrior”
  47. Lydia (LID-ee-uh): Greek origin, meaning “beautiful one” or “noble one”
  48. Mackenzie (muh-KEN-zee): Scottish origin, meaning “son of Kenneth”
  49. Madeline (MAD-uh-lin): French origin, meaning “of [the place] Magdala”
  50. Maria (muh-REE-uh): Hebrew origin, meaning “wished-for child”
  51. McKenna (muh-KEN-nuh): Scottish name, originally a surname
  52. Melanie (MEL-uh-nee): Greek origin, meaning “dark”
  53. Mikayla (mih-KAY-luh): Hebrew origin, feminine form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?”
  54. Mirabel (MEER-uh-bel): Latin origin, meaning “wondrous beauty”
  55. Miranda (mih-RAN-duh): Latin origin, meaning “worthy of admiration”
  56. Naomi (nay-OH-mee): Hebrew origin, meaning “pleasantness”
  57. Natalia (nuh-TAL-yuh): Latin origin, meaning “Christmas Day.”
  58. Natalie (NAT-a-lee): Latin origin, meaning “Christmas Day.”
  59. Natasha (nuh-TAH-shuh): Russian origin, meaning “born on Christmas Day”
  60. Pamela (PAM-uh-luh): English origin, meaning “all sweetness”
  61. Rebecca (rih-BEK-uh): Hebrew origin, meaning “to tie firmly”
  62. Samantha (suh-MAN-thuh): Hebrew origin, meaning “heard by God”
  63. Serena (suh-REE-nuh): Latin origin, meaning “tranquil, serene”
  64. Sienna (see-EN-uh): Italian origin, named after the city Siena in Italy, also associated with the reddish-brown color
  65. Sierra (see-AIR-uh): Spanish origin, meaning “mountain range”
  66. Sophia (so-FEE-uh): Greek origin, meaning “wisdom”
  67. Tabitha (TAB-ih-thuh): Aramaic origin, meaning “gazelle”
  68. Vanessa (vuh-NES-uh): English origin, meaning “of Venus”
  69. Vendela (ven-DEH-luh): Swedish origin, derived from Wendela, meaning “wanderer”
  70. Violet (VY-uh-let): Latin origin, meaning “purple”
  71. Vivian (VIV-ee-uhn): Latin origin, meaning “alive”
  72. Vivica (VIV-ih-kuh): Latin origin, meaning “alive,” or old Norse meaning “war fortress”
  73. Yolanda (Yo-LAHN-dah): Old Greek name meaning “violet flower”

Picking a name for your baby is an exciting milestone. Whether you’re drawn to the charm of Catherine or the strength of Samantha, a 3-syllable name can be a beautiful choice for your little girl. 

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