100 two-syllable girl baby names

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Two syllable baby names for girls

Whether you are looking for a two-syllable name to use for baby’s first name, as part of her first name, or as a middle name, we have 100 shorter, double beat two syllable names to use for a baby girl! You can sort the names alphabetically or by length.

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100 2-syllable baby names for girls

You can sort this baby name list by popularity rank, in alphabetical order, or by the number of letters in the name -- or also choose to view some or all of the records. (Search for all or part of a baby name using the search area on the upper right of the table.)

NameNumber of letters
Alia4 letters
Alma4 letters
Amber5 letters
Anna4 letters
Anouk5 letters
April5 letters
Aubrey6 letters
Audra5 letters
Audrey6 letters
Betsy5 letters
Bridget7 letters
Brontë6 letters
Camille7 letters
Carys5 letters
Celeste7 letters
Chloe5 letters
Ciara5 letters
Coleen6 letters
Colette7 letters
Cora4 letters
Corinne7 letters
Daphne6 letters
Dara4 letters
Darby5 letters
Darla5 letters
Della5 letters
Delta5 letters
Dinah5 letters
Eden4 letters
Elise5 letters
Esme4 letters
Evelyn6 letters
Flora5 letters
Georgia7 letters
Gia3 letters
Ginger6 letters
Giselle7 letters
Greta5 letters
Hallie6 letters
Harper6 letters
Heidi5 letters
Helen5 letters
Ilona5 letters
Iris4 letters
Isla4 letters
Jaclyn6 letters
Jenette7 letters
Jenna5 letters
Justine7 letters
Kenna5 letters
Kimbra6 letters
Lana4 letters
Lauren6 letters
Leah4 letters
Leigh5 letters
Lena4 letters
Leyla5 letters
Lianne6 letters
Lilac5 letters
Liza4 letters
Lola4 letters
Lucy4 letters
Lyric5 letters
Mara4 letters
Marcy5 letters
Maren5 letters
Margot6 letters
Marin5 letters
Marina6 letters
Marlowe7 letters
Mercy5 letters
Milla5 letters
Molly5 letters
Nancy5 letters
Nina4 letters
Noa3 letters
Noelle6 letters
Nora4 letters
Odette6 letters
Olive5 letters
Opal4 letters
Patience8 letters
Petra5 letters
Phaedra7 letters
Pilar5 letters
Piper5 letters
Poppy5 letters
Remy4 letters
Rosie5 letters
Ruby4 letters
Sabine6 letters
Selah5 letters
Siobhan7 letters
Soleil6 letters
Tessa5 letters
Tia3 letters
Vera4 letters
Willa5 letters
Willow6 letters
Zoe3 letters

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