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Today’s baby boy names from Scotland

Scotland has brought us treasures such as the game of golf, Doctor Who actors David Tennant and Peter Capaldi, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, poet and songwriter Robert Burns, the band Travis, the TV show Outlander (starring the very Scottish actor Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser), bagpipes and haggis.

Okay, the last two’s status as “treasure” is probably debatable. Regardless of what you think of sheep innards, however, the Scots are a people with a long and proud heritage — and it shows in their popular baby names. 

If your ancestors called Edinburgh or Glasgow home, or you just want to give your new bundle of joy a name with some Gaelic flair, check out our list of top 100 Scottish baby names for boys! (See Scottish baby names for girls here.)

Top 100 Scottish baby names for boys

Check out this list of the most popular Scottish boy names compiled by the National Records of Scotland, which features names that are both time-honored and contemporary.

The new favorite: Noah

In 2022, Noah made a remarkable leap to become the most favored name for boys in Scotland — overtaking Jack, which had a fourteen-year run at the top. This biblical name, which means “rest” and “comfort,” is now given to more Scottish baby boys than any other name, signaling a shift in parental preferences.

Popular culture and naming trends

The influence of popular culture on naming can’t be underestimated. For instance, the name Luca jumped twenty places in a single year, perhaps buoyed by the popularity of a reality TV personality, “Love Island” star Luca Bish. This trend shows that the characters we love on screen can have a significant impact on the names we choose for our children.

Nature-inspired names on the rise

There’s also been an uptick in names derived from nature, reflecting a broader trend of returning to the outdoors for inspiration. Names like Oakley and River have become popular for both boys and girls, illustrating a desire to connect with the natural world.

The top 10 movers and shakers

While names like Findlay, Alexander, and Lewis have seen a decline in the top 10 rankings, others have risen to take their place. James, Theo, and Archie now share the ninth position, with James reaching its lowest rank since records began. This fluctuation underscores the dynamic nature of name popularity over time.

A Scottish name for your lad

To help you in your quest for the perfect Scottish name, here is a list of boy names that reflect Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and the trends of 2022:

  • Archie: A strong yet charming name that’s climbed the ranks in recent years.
  • Finlay: An old Scottish name meaning ‘fair-haired hero’ that remains a timeless choice.
  • James: A regal name with biblical roots, though less common now, it still holds a noble air.
  • Lewis: With Celtic origins, this name carries the legacy of Scotland’s picturesque islands.
  • Luca: A name that’s gained popularity, adding a modern twist to Scottish tradition.
  • Noah: The new favorite, offering both a link to the past and a fresh start.
  • Oakley: A name connecting to nature, reflecting a love for the outdoors.
  • River: Flowing with natural simplicity, it’s a name that’s peaceful yet full of life.
  • Theo: A short form of Theodore, this name has a timeless quality with a hint of modern appeal.

These names only give you a small taste of the rich culture of the country and the many choices you have.

The legacy of Scottish names is deeply rooted in its culture and history, as evidenced by the remarkable individuals who have emerged from this land. Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, shares his Scottish origins with groundbreaking scientists Alexander Fleming and Alexander Graham Bell. These names not only reflect Scotland’s rich past but also inspire the present and the future.

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Most popular Scottish boy names

Top Scottish boy names 1-100

  1. Noah: Rest, comfort.
  2. Jack: God is gracious.
  3. Leo: Lion.
  4. Harris: Son of Harry.
  5. Luca: Bringer of light.
  6. Oliver: Olive tree.
  7. Rory: Red king.
  8. Archie: Truly brave.
  9. Alfie: Wise counselor.
  10. James: Supplanter.
  11. Theo: Divine gift.
  12. Finlay: Fair-haired hero.
  13. Lewis: Renowned warrior.
  14. Alexander: Defender of men.
  15. Charlie: Free man.
  16. Brodie: Muddy place.
  17. Lucas: Light-giving.
  18. Finn: Fair or white.
  19. Logan: Little hollow.
  20. Thomas: Twin.
  21. Mason: One who works with stone.
  22. Oscar: Deer lover.
  23. Max: Greatest.
  24. Muhammad: Praised.
  25. Tommy: Twin.
  26. Freddie: Peace ruler.
  27. Jacob: Supplanter.
  28. Cameron: Crooked nose.
  29. Jude: Praised.
  30. Arthur: Bear or noble.
  31. Daniel: God is my judge.
  32. Kai: Sea.
  33. Harry: Estate ruler.
  34. Blake: Dark or pale.
  35. Ollie: Olive tree.
  36. Harrison: Son of Harry.
  37. Hunter: One who hunts.
  38. Roman: From Rome.
  39. Adam: Man, from the earth.
  40. William: Resolute protector.
  41. Arlo: Hill.
  42. Caleb: Whole hearted.
  43. Reuben: Behold, a son.
  44. Ethan: Strong, firm.
  45. Liam: Resolute protection.
  46. George: Farmer.
  47. Sonny: Son.
  48. Nathan: He gave.
  49. Angus: One strength.
  50. Jamie: Supplanter.
  51. Theodore: Divine gift.
  52. Matthew: Gift of God.
  53. Hudson: Son of Hudde.
  54. Jaxon: Son of Jack.
  55. Aaron: Exalted, strong.
  56. Grayson: Son of the grey-haired one.
  57. Ruaridh: Red king.
  58. Arran: From the island of Arran.
  59. Benjamin: Son of the right hand.
  60. Callum: Dove.
  61. Carter: Cart driver.
  62. Isaac: He will laugh.
  63. Joshua: The Lord is my salvation.
  64. Louie: Renowned warrior.
  65. Myles: Soldier or merciful.
  66. Callan: Battle; rock.
  67. Luke: Light-giving.
  68. Teddy: Wealthy protector.
  69. Brody: Ditch.
  70. Cody: Helpful.
  71. Leon: Lion.
  72. Cole: Charcoal, dark.
  73. David: Beloved.
  74. Struan: Stream.
  75. Albie: Noble, bright.
  76. Blair: Battlefield or plain.
  77. Andrew: Manly, brave.
  78. Michael: Who is like God?
  79. Riley: Rye clearing.
  80. Connor: Lover of hounds.
  81. Dylan: Son of the sea.
  82. Lochlan: Land of the lochs.
  83. Louis: Renowned warrior.
  84. Robert: Bright fame.
  85. Hamish: Supplanter.
  86. Jackson: Son of Jack.
  87. Lachlan: Land of the lochs.
  88. Joseph: He will add.
  89. Jax: God has been gracious; may refer to John.
  90. Owen: Young warrior; well-born.
  91. Carson: Son of the marsh dwellers.
  92. Samuel: Told by God.
  93. Innes: From the river island.
  94. Cooper: Barrel maker.
  95. Elijah: My God is Yahweh.
  96. Fergus: Man of vigor.
  97. Fraser: Strawberry.
  98. Henry: Home ruler.
  99. Parker: Park keeper.
  100. Ellis: The Lord is my God.
  101. Finley: Fair-haired hero.
  102. Frankie: Free or truthful.
  103. Murray: Settlement by the sea.

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List source: The National Records of Scotland for 2022, released in 2023