140+ one-syllable girl baby names

100 one-syllable girl baby names

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Short stuff: One-syllable baby names for girls

Sometimes, all you need is a short name — a single-syllable name that serves as just a breath, just a beat — in your baby’s full name.

Whether you are looking for a one-syllable name to use for her first name, as part of her first name, or as a middle name, we have more than 140 short and sweet baby girl names right here!

You should have no problem finding a name that will give your child’s full name the perfect rhythm.

While there are no universal rules for choosing a name for your little one, many people suggest selecting first and middle names based on your last name. For instance, if you have a long and/or multi-syllable surname, a shorter first name may provide a nice balance. 

Another tip is to vary the number of syllables among the names you choose. If you have a two-syllable last name, you might want to pick a one- or three-syllable first name. Three-syllable last name? A one- or two-syllable baby name might just do the trick.

Don’t forget: One-syllable girl baby names can often make really cute compound names, particularly if you use suffixes like Jo, Leigh/Lee or Rae — and the retro favorites Sue and Lou (think Peggy Sue and Betty Lou).

The benefits of one-syllable names

Here are some reasons why you might consider a single-syllable name for your baby girl:

  • Ease of pronunciation: These names are generally easy to pronounce, reducing the chances of mispronunciation.
  • Versatility: Single-syllable names often pair well with longer surnames, creating a balanced full name.
  • Memorability: The brevity of these names makes them easy to remember, which can be a big plus.

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List: Short one-syllable girl baby names
  1. Anne: Classic, often associated with royalty and literature.
  2. Ash: Nature-inspired, derived from the ash tree.
  3. Bea: Short for Beatrice or Beatrix, meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  4. Belle: French origin, means “beautiful.”
  5. Beth: Classic, often a short form of “Elizabeth.”
  6. Bette: Vintage, a variant of “Betty.”
  7. Bex: Often a nickname for “Rebecca.”
  8. Blair: Trendy and unisex, with a modern flair.
  9. Blue: Color-inspired, modern and unique.
  10. Blythe: Old English origin, means “free spirit” or “happy.”
  11. Bray: Uncommon, often associated with a donkey’s call.
  12. Bree: Irish origin, meaning “strength” or “exalted one.”
  13. Britt: Scandinavian origin, often a short form of “Brittany.”
  14. Brooke: Nature-inspired, named after a small stream.
  15. Bryce: Celtic origin, means “swift.”
  16. Brynn: Welsh origin, means “hill.”
  17. Cass: Often a short form of “Cassandra” or “Cassidy.”
  18. Char: Short for “Charlotte,” of French origin.
  19. Cher: French origin, means “dear.”
  20. Claire: Elegant and French, a variant of “Clare.”
  21. Clove: Named after the spice, unique and aromatic.
  22. Dale: Valley-inspired, often more common for boys.
  23. Dawn: Evokes the beginning of the day, symbolizes new beginnings.
  24. Deb: Often a short form of “Deborah.”
  25. Dee: Often a nickname for names like “Deanna” or “Delia.”
  26. Delle: Rare, possibly a short form of “Adelle.”
  27. Dot: Often a nickname for “Dorothy.”
  28. Dove: Named after the bird, symbolizes peace.
  29. Elle: Chic and fashionable, often linked to elegance.
  30. Eve: Classic and biblical, often associated with the first woman.
  31. Faith: Virtuous and strong, often associated with religious belief.
  32. Fawn: Animal-inspired, named after a young deer.
  33. Fay: Old English origin, means “fairy.”
  34. Faye: A variant of “Fay,” also means “fairy.”
  35. Fern: Nature-inspired, named after the green plant.
  36. Fi: Short for “Fiona,” of Gaelic origin.
  37. Fife: Musical and Scottish, named after a small flute.
  38. Flame: Fiery and bright, symbolizes passion.
  39. Fleur: French origin, means “flower.”
  40. Fran: Often a short form of “Frances” or “Francine.”
  41. Gail: Hebrew origin, meaning “father’s joy.”
  42. Gale: Nature-inspired, symbolizes a strong wind.
  43. Gem: Precious and small, symbolizes value.
  44. Glenn: Scottish origin, means “valley.”
  45. Glint: Shiny and bright, symbolizes a fleeting moment.
  46. Glynn: A variant of “Glenn,” also means “valley.”
  47. Grace: Timeless, symbolizes elegance and virtue.
  48. Greer: Scottish origin, means “alert, watchful.”
  49. Gwen: Welsh origin, means “fair” or “blessed.”
  50. Hale: Old English origin, means “nook, hollow.”
  51. Hope: Positive and uplifting, a virtue name.
  52. Jade: Exotic and green, named after the precious stone.
  53. Jan: Short for “Janet” or “Janice,” of Hebrew origin.
  54. Jane: Hebrew origin, means “God is gracious.”
  55. Jas: Short for “Jasmine,” named after the flower.
  56. Jazz: Musical and lively, symbolizes energy.
  57. Jem: Uncommon, often a short form of “Jemima.”
  58. Jen: Often a short form of “Jennifer.”
  59. Jenn: Another short form of “Jennifer.”
  60. Jess: Often a short form of “Jessica” or “Jessamine.”
  61. Jill: English origin, means “youthful.”
  62. Jo: Unisex, often a short form of “Joan” or “Joanna.”
  63. Joan: Hebrew origin, means “God is gracious.”
  64. Joy: Upbeat and happy, a virtue name.
  65. Joyce: French origin, means “joyous.”
  66. Jules: Unisex, often a short form of “Julia” or “Julian.”
  67. June: Named after the month, evokes summertime.
  68. Kai: Hawaiian origin, means “sea.”
  69. Kat: Often a short form of “Katherine.”
  70. Kate: Classic, often a nickname for Katherine.
  71. Kaye: Variant of “Kay,” often a short form of “Katherine.”
  72. Kelp: Ocean-inspired, named after the seaweed.
  73. Kim: Often a short form of “Kimberly.”
  74. Kohl: Dark and smoky, named after the mineral.
  75. Lace: Delicate and intricate, symbolizes finesse.
  76. Lain: Modern, possibly a variation of “Lane.”
  77. Lark: Named after the bird, symbolizes happiness.
  78. Laure: French origin, a variation of “Laura.”
  79. Lee: Unisex, often a surname turned first name.
  80. Leigh: Old English origin, means “meadow.”
  81. Lex: Often a short form of “Alexandra” or “Alexis.”
  82. Ling: Chinese origin, means “delicate, dainty.”
  83. Liv: Scandinavian origin, means “life.”
  84. Liz: Usually a nickname for “Elizabeth.”
  85. Lo: Uncommon, often a short form of “Lois” or “Lauren.”
  86. Lou: Often a short form of “Louise” or “Louisa.”
  87. Lynn: Versatile, often used as a middle name.
  88. Lys: French origin, means “lily.”
  89. Mace: Weapon-inspired, symbolizes power.
  90. Mae: Vintage and charming, often a short form of “Maureen” or “Mabel.”
  91. Maeve: Irish origin, means “intoxicating.”
  92. Mare: Modern, possibly short for “Mary” or “Marie.”
  93. Maud: Old German origin, means “mighty in battle.”
  94. Mauve: Color-inspired, named after a pale purple hue.
  95. May: Named after the month, or a variant of “Mae.”
  96. Meg: Often a short form of “Megan” or “Margaret.”
  97. Mint: Fresh and green, named after the herb.
  98. Min: Often a short form of “Minerva” or “Wilhelmina.”
  99. Mirth: Joy-inspired, symbolizes happiness.
  100. Nan: Vintage, often a nickname for “Nancy” or “Anne.”
  101. Nell: Vintage, often a short form of “Eleanor” or “Helen.”
  102. Neve: Irish origin, means “snow.”
  103. Noor: Arabic origin, means “light.”
  104. Nyx: Greek origin, named after the goddess of the night.
  105. Paige: Youthful, often associated with a “page” in a book or in historical context.
  106. Pat: Unisex, often a short form of “Patricia” or “Patrick.”
  107. Pearl: Vintage, named after the precious gem.
  108. Peg: Often a short form of “Peggy” or “Margaret.”
  109. Pike: Fish-inspired, also symbolizes a peak or point.
  110. Plum: Quirky and unique, named after the fruit.
  111. Prue: Short for “Prudence,” symbolizes wisdom.
  112. Queen: Regal and grand, symbolizes royalty.
  113. Quinn: Unisex and Irish, gaining popularity especially among girls.
  114. Quartz: Named after the mineral, symbolizes strength.
  115. Rain: Nature-inspired, symbolizes life-giving water.
  116. Rae: Ray of light, often a nickname for “Rachel.”
  117. Reece: Welsh origin, means “ardor.”
  118. Roam: Wanderlust-inspired, symbolizes freedom.
  119. Rose: Romantic and traditional, often linked to the flower.
  120. Rue: French origin, means “street” or a medicinal herb.
  121. Ruth: Biblical and strong, means “compassionate friend.”
  122. Sage: Nature-inspired, symbolizes wisdom.
  123. Shae: Irish origin, means “admirable.”
  124. Shay: A variant of “Shae,” also means “admirable.”
  125. Sheen: Glossy and bright, symbolizes luster.
  126. Sian: Welsh origin, means “God’s gracious gift.”
  127. Skye: Modern, inspired by the sky or the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
  128. Sleet: Weather-inspired, symbolizes a mix of rain and snow.
  129. Sloane: Modern and British-inspired, exudes sophistication.
  130. Starr: Cosmic and bright, symbolizes excellence.
  131. Sue: Often a short form of “Susan” or “Susannah.”
  132. Swan: Elegant and graceful, named after the bird.
  133. Tate: Old English origin, means “cheerful.”
  134. Tess: Often a short form of “Teresa,” simple and strong.
  135. Thyme: Named after the herb, symbolizes courage in medieval times.
  136. Tide: Ocean-inspired, symbolizes ebb and flow.
  137. True: Virtue name, symbolizes honesty.
  138. Val: Often a short form of “Valerie” or “Valentine.”
  139. Vale: Modern, symbolizes a valley or a farewell.
  140. Viv: Often a short form of “Vivian” or “Vivienne,” means “life.”
  141. Vonne: Rare, possibly a short form of “Yvonne.”
  142. Wisp: Small and fleeting, symbolizes a trace amount.
  143. Wren: Earthy and natural, named after the bird.
  144. Yaz: Modern, often a short form of “Yasmine” or “Yasmin.”
  145. Yule: Seasonal, named after the winter festival.
  146. Zing: Energetic and lively, symbolizes zest and vitality.
  147. Zoe: Greek origin, means “life.”

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