Fun baby names ending in -ella

Fun baby names ending in -ella
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by Tanya Glover

One ‘ella good name

When it comes to your baby, you want a name with the perfect sound — one that speaks to you. If your perfect sound is “ella,” you have many great choices!

Ella for girls

If you are having a girl, there are so many names to go. If ella is your favorite name sound, you may want to simply go with Ella, which is gorgeous. It has been used by many celebrities — including Ben Stiller, John Travolta & Kelly Preston, Mark Wahlberg, and Warren Beatty & Annette Bening.

Some of my other favorite ella names include Luella, Gabriella, Petronella, Stella and Daniella.

If you are a fan of fairytales or Disney movies, you may want to go with Cinderella, Isabella (Belle from Beauty and the Beast) and Ariella (Ariel from The Little Mermaid).

Unique ellas

If you are looking for a more unique ella name, there are a lot of names out there to work with. Names such as Graziella, Nigella, Prunella, Avariella, Estrella, and Diella all have an interesting ring to them.

To get more unique ella names, try adding -ella or -bella to some of your other favorites. Take for example, the name Cara. Simply add “bella” and you have Carabella. If you love the name Jo, tack on the ella, and you have Joella.

Some other adorable ella names along those lines are Donatella, Marcella, Wandella, Traciella, Chantella, Briella and Maribella.

Ella for boys

However, if you are having a boy your options are quite limited. In fact, in all of my research, I could only find one name! This one name is one that is spelled in an unconventional way, and actually stems from two separate names: Abdul and Abdullah. To get the ella part, spell the name Abdella.

Family of ellas

If you are planning a large family or are having a multiple birth, you may want to have all your children’s names containing ella. This is a cute idea for any name theme so go for it! My friend’s twin girls are Maribella and Meribella. That may be too over the top for some, but there are many other more toned-down choices. If you just use your imagination you can find the perfect ella for your new addition!

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