Color baby names for boys: Colorful names for little guys

Colorful baby names for boys - rainbow

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In living color: Color baby names for boys

Colors are all around us, and hues of every combination possible decorate the world all around us.

Certain shades and tones may evoke specific memories for us — the impossibly beautiful azure sea you overlooked on your honeymoon… the amethyst stone in your great-grandmother’s ring… the white tranquility all around after a snowfall… the yellow of a daffodil that shows itself every spring.

Color baby names for boys: By color

Here are more bright and lively, soothing and calming, or cheerful and happy, color names — any one of which might be perfect for your baby boy. Below, we feature these colorful names from the beginning of the rainbow to the end (and then the colors that don’t appear on that spectrum) for your perusal.

Red red
Vermilion red
Auburn red/brown
Kelly green
Clover green
Moss green
Oliver green
Sage green
Teal blue/green
Azure blue
Blu/Blue/Bleu blue
Cerulean blue
Cyan blue
Indigo blue
Ivory white
Ebony black
Jet black
Onyx black
Raven black
Gray/Grey/Grayson gray
Slate (or Slater) gray/black
Mahogany brown
Sable brown
Tyrian purple

Even some celebrities are getting in on the colorful trend for their baby boys!

Celebrity color baby names for boys

Bear Blu (Alicia Silverstone)
Sage (Tracey Gold)
Golden Sagon (Nick Cannon & Brittany Bell)
Slate (Landon Donovan & Hannah Bartell)
Forest Sage Palmer (Teresa Palmer & Mark Webber)
Greyson Valor (Jenni/JWoww Farley & Roger Mathews)
Blues Anthony (Jessica Paré & John Kastner)
Grey Douglas (Molly Sims and Scott Stuber)