Most popular Russian baby names for boys & girls

Most popular Russian baby names for boys & girls

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The Russian people have a long, rich history. One reason behind their strong heritage is that the nation is enormous. In fact, as the world’s largest country (based on land mass), Russia is nearly twice the size of the United States.

Since the 14th century, the city of Moscow (in Russian, that’s Moskva — or, in Cyrillic, Москва) has been a cultural center — even hundreds of years before the Tsardom of Russia became the Russian Empire. (Later, it was called the Soviet Union, then became as it is known today: the Russian Federation).

Here’s a look at the most popular Russian baby names in Moscow, the capital city of Russia, for the year 2018, as provided by The Moscow Civil Registry.

“The list of the most popular male and female names has changed little compared to previous years,” said Yelena Yefremova, Head of the Moscow Civil Registry. “Parents still opt for traditional names people are used to, the names of their fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. This shows that Moscow families remain true to their traditions, and seek generational continuity.”

Most popular Russian baby names for girls

RankNameNumber of letters
1Maria5 letters
2Sofya5 letters
3Anna4 letters
4Alisa5 letters
5Viktoria8 letters
6Anastasia9 letters
7Polina6 letters
8Alexandra9 letters
9Yelizaveta10 letters
10Varvara7 letters
11Yekaterina10 letters

Most popular Russian baby names for boys

RankNameNumber of letters
1Alexander9 letters
2Mikhail7 letters
3Maxim5 letters
4Ivan4 letters
5Artyom6 letters
6Dmitry6 letters
7Daniil6 letters
8Marc4 letters
9Matvei6 letters
10Ilya4 letters
11Kirill6 letters
12Andrei6 letters

Least popular Russian baby names

The top five uncommon traditional Russian names in 2017 were Valentin, Gennady, Vitaly, Anatoly and Valery for boys; and Lyudmila, Galina, Inna, Zinaida and Larisa for girls.

“While choosing an unusual name for a child, parents are often driven by their desire to give their newborn son or daughter a beautiful and less widespread name,” said the former head of the Moscow Civil Registry, Irina Muravyova, in 2017.