70 flavors of cute food names for your little baby gourmet

Cute food names for babies

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Craving the perfect food-inspired name for your baby?

If you’re a foodie, then you may want to consider naming your new arrival after one of your favorite dishes… or maybe during your pregnancy, you craved one particular food, and you think that name may be a delicious fit for your baby.

No matter what your reason, there are tons of wonderful, fun and/or cute food and drink names — or nicknames — that you might want to give your baby. Here’s a tasty selection of food-inspired names!

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Food and drink-inspired baby names

70 cute food names list


  • Alfredo (Boy): Named after the creamy Italian pasta sauce.
  • Ambrosia (Girl): A type of fruit salad
  • Angus (Boy): A breed of beef cattle
  • Anise (Girl): Named after the aromatic spice commonly used in both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Apple (Girl): Named after the popular fruit, and one generally iconic for health and wellness.


  • Bartlett (Unisex): Named after a popular variety of pear.
  • Basil (Boy): Named after the aromatic herb commonly used in cooking.
  • Berry (Unisex): Named after various small fruits, including blueberries and strawberries.
  • Brie (Girl): Named after the creamy French cheese.
  • Brandy (Girl): Named after the spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.


  • Candy (Girl): A sweet name, inspired by sugary treats.
  • Carmine (Boy): Named after a red food dye commonly used in various culinary dishes.
  • Cayenne (Girl): Named after the spicy pepper.
  • Chai (Unisex): Named after the spiced Indian tea.
  • Cherry (Girl): Named after the small, red fruit.
  • Chip (Boy): Inspired by crunchy foods like potato chips & sweet chocolate chips
  • Chuck (Boy): Named after a type of beef cut.
  • Cinnamon (Girl): Named after the aromatic spice derived from tree bark.
  • Clementine (Girl): For the small orange citrus fruit.
  • Cobb (Boy): As in Cobb salad.
  • Coco (Girl): For the primary ingredient in chocolate, cocoa.
  • Colby (Unisex): Named after a type of American cheese.
  • Cookie (Girl): For the delicious baked treat.
  • Crispin (Boy): Derived from the word “crisp,” often associated with fresh or crunchy foods.


  • Dill (Boy): Named after the aromatic herb.


  • Fennel (Unisex): Named after the aromatic plant used as a spice.
  • Frank (Boy): Short for frankfurter or hot dog.


  • Ginger (Girl): For the spicy root used to season food.
  • Graham (Boy): Named after the graham cracker.
  • Guinness (boy): After the Irish dry stout – a dark beer.


  • Herb (Boy): Named after aromatic plants used for seasoning foods.
  • Honey (Girl): Named after the sweet substance made by bees.


  • Jack (Boy): Named after fruits like jackfruit or cheeses like Monterey Jack, or Jack Daniels whiskey.
  • Java (Unisex): Inspired by the term often used to refer to coffee.
  • Jordan (Unisex): Named after Jordan almonds, a type of candy-coated nut.


  • Kirin (Unisex): For the Japanese beer (similar to Karen and Kieran).


  • Maple (Girl): Named after the sweet syrup made from the sap of maple trees.
  • Merlot (Unisex): Named after the variety of grape used in wine-making.
  • Mint (Unisex): Named after the aromatic herb.
  • Mocha (Unisex): After a type of coffee flavored with chocolate.


  • Nori (Unisex): Named after the seaweed used in sushi.


  • Olive (Girl): For both the popular food and the oil it produces.


  • Paprika (Girl): Named after the red spice made from peppers.
  • Peach (Girl): Named after the sweet, juicy fruit.
  • Pepper (Unisex): For the spicy or sweet fruit used in cooking.
  • Plum (Girl): Named after the sweet fruit.
  • Poppy (Girl): Named after the seeds commonly used in baking.
  • Porter (Boy): For the dark British beer.


  • Quince (Boy): Named after the fruit related to apples and pears.


  • Reuben (Boy): Named after the American grilled sandwich.
  • Rosemary (Girl): Named after the aromatic herb.
  • Rye (Unisex): For the grass grain related to wheat


  • Saffron (Girl): Named after the expensive spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus.
  • Sage (Unisex): Named after the aromatic herb.
  • Sherry (Girl): After the fortified wine made from white grapes.
  • Shiraz (girl): For the popular Australian wine grape (same as Syrah, below).
  • Soba (Unisex): a type of Japanese noodle.
  • Sorrel (Unisex): Named after the leafy green herb.
  • Sprout (Unisex): For the germinated seeds of legumes or grains.
  • Sugar (Girl): Named after the sweet stuff we all know.
  • Suzette (Girl): Named after Crêpe Suzette, a French dessert.
  • Syrah (Girl): For the popular wine grape (same as Shiraz, above).


  • Taffy (Unisex): Named after the chewy candy.
  • Tangerine (Girl): For the small orange citrus fruit.
  • Thyme (Unisex): Named after the aromatic herb.


  • Vanilla (Girl): Named after the popular flavor derived from orchids.


  • Wheat (Boy): Named after the grain used in many types of food – could be used as Wheaton.
  • Whiskey (Unisex): Named after the distilled alcoholic beverage.


  • Yam (Unisex): Named after the starchy root vegetable.


  • Ziti (Unisex): Named after a type of pasta.

Note: The gender classification is based on popular usage, and may vary by culture or individual preference. Some names are directly related to food items, while others are inspired by dishes or cooking ingredients.

Shop around for the perfect food names

If you need more inspiration, then maybe you should keep a food diary. This can be a great way to see what you love the most and get great ideas of what name will fit your child the best.

Alternatively, go to the grocery store with the express purpose of shopping for a name! Make a list as you go instead of checking things off.

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