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If you like the name Kieran, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

The comprehensive guide to the name Kieran

The name Kieran has Irish origins and is derived from the Gaelic name “Ciarán.” It means “dark-haired” or “dark one,” which could be a poetic way to describe someone with dark hair or eyes. The name is traditionally male, but has seen usage for females as well, particularly in modern times.

Pronunciation and syllables

Kieran is generally pronounced as “KEER-en.” It’s a two-syllable name, and the closest rhyme might be, “I’m hearin’ your name’s Kieran.”

One thing to know, though that in the United States, this name will be commonly misspelled (“Keiran” especially — though that is a variant), and is often mistaken for Karen

As mentioned above, an older spelling variant of the name is Ciarán, pronounced the same way. 

Popularity over time

While Kieran is a popular name in Ireland and other parts of the UK, it has also gained recognition in the United States. The name often ranks within the top 1000 names, according to the Social Security Administration, although it hasn’t cracked the top 100 list yet.

Kieran’s popularity for boys

In terms of U.S. Social Security data, the name Kieran has had varying popularity over the years, but has generally been more popular for boys. For instance, in recent years, Kieran was ranked around the 500-600 range for boys.

Kieran for girls

Although traditionally a male name, Kieran has also been used for girls. It’s less common but is slowly gaining traction as a unisex name.

Famous Kierans and characters

Kieran has been popularized through various fields, from entertainment to sports.

  • Kieran Culkin: An American actor known for roles in films like “Igby Goes Down” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.”
  • Kieran Gibbs: An English professional footballer.
  • Kieran Trippier: Another English professional footballer who plays as a right-back.
  • Kieran in literature: The name appears in various books and stories, often used for characters with a mysterious or intellectual demeanor.

Nicknames and variations

Kieran doesn’t have many traditional nicknames, but some shorten it to “Kier” or “Ren.” Variations of the name include:

  • Ciarán: The original Irish spelling.
  • Kieren: An alternative spelling.
  • Kieron: Another variation, also derived from Ciarán.
  • Ciaran: A simpler spelling without the accent mark.

Similar names

If you’re considering Kieran but want to explore similar options, you might try:

  • Kiran
  • Kirin (also a Japanese beer)
  • Kieran
  • Kieron
  • Kiernan
  • Keegan

Masculine or feminine? The unisex debate

Traditionally, Kieran is a male name, especially in its place of origin — Ireland. However, the name has transcended its traditional boundaries, and is increasingly being used as a unisex name. So, if you’re considering this name for a girl, you’re not alone. The rise in unisex names reflects broader changes in society, as names become less tethered to gender-specific roles and identities.

The meaning behind Kieran

The name Kieran has a poetic undertone to it. Stemming from the Gaelic word ciar, which means dark, the name could symbolize depth, mystery, or even a quiet kind of strength. These characteristics make Kieran a name that carries more than just identity — it carries a story. Its Irish origins, coupled with its modern unisex appeal, make it a versatile choice for any kiddo.



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