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If you are expecting your little one around the holidays, you may be tossing around the idea of giving him or her fun holiday name to celebrate.

There are some fantastic names that are holiday-themed from which to choose — and given their meaning and beauty, how could you ever regret naming your child after such a special time of the year?

From traditional to unique, this guide unfolds a list of names that are as merry and bright as the season itself. Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of names like Holly and Nicholas, or you’re searching for a name with a global flair like Noelle or Yule, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to name your little one in a way that celebrates the most wonderful time of the year.

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Popular Christmas names

If you are looking for a Christmas-themed name that proclaims, “I was named for the holiday season!” there are plenty to browse.

For little girls, Holly or Belle are charming choices. Angel is also a great choice — as what is Christmas without angels? Naming your little girl Hope, Faith or Joy all fit nicely with the season as well, those words being the main message of the holiday. Merry is also a very festive name — and maybe this will be an adjective that rubs off on your little princess later in life.

Your son need not be left out, as many male names fit well with the Christmas season. The first two that pop to mind for me are Claus (or even its German variant Klaus), Nicholas, and even Rudolph! Other sweet winter names for your little boy or girl are Noel (or Noelle) and Robin (after the red-breasted winter bird).

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Traditional Christmas names

If you are looking for more traditional name ideas for your Christmas delivery, there are lots to choose from in this area as well. Biblical names are very popular during this time of year so you may want to consider Mary or Josephine/Josie (the female form of Joseph) for your girl.

For your boy, you may want to consider Jesus (a name that’s particularly popular in Hispanic families), Joseph, Gabrielle or Michael. A good unisex name representing traditional Christmas is Christian, which is the embodiment of the season for so many. There are many variants for girls — Christine, Christa, Kristy, etc.

Christmas baby names that are off the beaten path

If you are all about being unique, then there are great names for you too. Neva, meaning snow in Spanish, is also unique — as is Eira, which is Welsh for snow. Some unique choices for your little man are Elden (A Christmas elf), Jasper (one of the three kings) and Dion (a Greek name associated with holiday festivities).

Some other fantastically Christmas-y baby names include Natasha, Natalie and Natalia (which mean “born on Christmas”), Talia, Carol, Star — and even Ealhdun (or Eldon), which means from the elves’ valley.

Want more ideas? Think winter weather. Think about Christmas storybooks. Just think about what the holidays mean to you and their new significance in your life!

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A world of Christmas names

If you’re still looking for the ideal Christmas-themed baby name, you might find inspiration from holiday traditions around the world. Consider Lucia from Sweden’s Festival of Light or Balthazar, one of the wise men. Yule celebrates an old winter tradition, and Eira brings a touch of Welsh winter to your baby’s name.

Christmas name pairings for your little holiday star

Pairing the right first and middle name can be like finding the perfect set of ornaments for your tree — it just clicks. You might consider Eve Seraphina, echoing the peace and angelic beauty of Christmas Eve. Nicholas Frost plays off the jolly figure of Saint Nick with a nod to the crisp wintry weather.

For a touch of nature and a nod to French yuletide celebrations, Ivy Noelle is both earthy and elegant. If you’re looking for something that sounds joyous and lively, Joy Estelle could be a starry-eyed pick, combining the essence of happiness with a star-like sparkle. Or perhaps Holly Ember to mix the iconic Christmas foliage with a warm, glowing twist, perfect for a baby born in the cozy winter months.

The key is to blend meanings and sounds for a name that’s harmonious and full of holiday spirit.

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Choosing a Christmas name with the future in mind

Selecting a name with a nod to the holiday season can be a beautiful way to commemorate your child’s timing of arrival, but it’s wise to consider how this choice will travel with them through the various stages of life.

A name like Joy resonates with cheerfulness during childhood and remains a beacon of positivity into adulthood. Hope is timeless and universally appreciated, inspiring a sense of optimism at any age.

Felix, with its roots meaning ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’, is a classic with a cheerful disposition, equally fitting for a playful kid or a respected professional. These names are not just tied to a season — they represent qualities you’d wish for your child to carry with them always.

Christmas names inspired by stars and stories

The holidays have a way of etching characters and their stories into our hearts. When considering names with a touch of stardom, think about George from It’s a Wonderful Life, embodying generosity and warmth, or Clara, the brave heroine of The Nutcracker.

Ebenezer, after a transformative journey, represents redemption in A Christmas Carol. Modern classics offer names like Mariah, echoing the queen of Christmas music, or Bing, reminiscent of timeless holiday crooning. These names carry the legacy of their stories and the festive spirit, sure to bestow a sense of enduring cheer on your little one.

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Festive Christmas baby names to consider for your bundle of joy 

Christmas boy names:

  • Balthazar
  • Claus
  • Elden
  • Felix
  • Gabriel
  • Jasper
  • Joseph
  • Michael
  • Nicholas
  • Robin
  • Rudolph

Christmas girl names:

  • Angel
  • Belle
  • Carol
  • Christine
  • Eira
  • Faith
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Joy
  • Lucia
  • Mary
  • Merry
  • Natalie
  • Noelle
  • Seraphina
  • Star

Gender-neutral Christmas names:

  • Christian
  • Noel
  • Yule

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