Top 50 most popular Filipino baby girl names

Filipino baby girl

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By Fiona Mae Saladaga

The Philippines, a beautiful country made up of more than 7000 islands, features a complex blend of many cultures. It has more than 150 dialects, each offering a distinct accent and cadence to them. It also has some of the most intriguing Filipino baby girl names in the world.

In addition, the country’s long and complicated history, marked by numerous efforts by foreign forces and influences, like the Spanish, Japanese and Italian colonies, has greatly influenced the trending names for Filipino babies in the past as well as the present.

Because of these Eastern and Western influences, Filipino baby girl names offer rich meaning that ties into the country’s history. Many of these names are native to the country and are difficult to find in other parts of the world

So, if you have Filipino roots and want to pay homage, or you simply like the sound of the names from this tropical locale, you might wonder how you can incorporate the colorful Filipino culture through your baby girl’s name.

Here, we share with you 50 of the most popular baby girl names in the Philippines. Check them out for a little Filipino-style inspiration!

Top baby girl names in the Philippines

Jasmine – the national flower of the Philippines
Althea – a healer
Marikit – a Filipino word for ‘beautiful’
Aurora – a beautiful dawn sky
Maria – the Spanish version of the name for Jesus’ mother, Mary
Amihan – a northwest wind
Gloria – means ‘glory’
Bituin – a Filipino word for ‘star’
Corazon – a Spanish name that means ‘heart’
Ligaya – a Filipino word for ‘brilliance’ and ‘happiness’

Baby girl names with Filipino origin

Luzviminda – three islands of the Philippines; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
Mutya – means ‘jewel’ or ‘pearl’; also used as a title for women who wins local beauty pageants
Mayumi – a Filipino term for ‘delicate’
Malaya – a Filipino term which means ‘free’ or ‘freedom’
Luningning – a Filipino word for ‘brilliance’
Tadhana – a Filipino word for ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’
Dalisay – a Filipino term for ‘pure’
Diwata – a Filipino term which means ‘fairy’
Luwalhati – a Filipino word for ‘glory’
Rosario – a Filipino term for ‘rosary’

Baby girl names with Spanish origin

Amor – means ‘love’
Cecilia – means ‘innocence’
Flordeliza – a Spanish term which means ‘Liza’s flower’
Reyna – Spanish term for ‘queen’
Imelda – a powerful fighter
Cielo – means sky
Carmelita – means garden
Belen – Spanish term for Bethlehem
Benilde – a Spanish term that means someone who fights with bears
Dolores – means pain

Baby girl names with Italian origin

Amalia – vigor
Daria – meaning to possess
Emerlinda – the person who takes care of the house
Rea – means flowing
Bianca – means purity, and has symbolism of color white
Corina – means a beautiful maiden
Arianna – means sacred and pure
Mimosa – a tropical tree
Maricar – a beautiful girl
Divina – means divine

Other popular Filipino baby girl names (a mix of cultural influences)

Ricci – forever strong
Jennifer – means ‘white enchantress’
Lucia – means ‘light’
Victoria – Latin word for ‘victory’
Noemi – a Spanish term that means ‘pleasantness’
Katherine – a Latin term for ‘clean’ or ‘pure’
Hazel – a name of a beautiful color
Janella – means God has shown favor
Zoey – a Greek word for ‘life’
Zenaida – another Greek word which means ‘born of Zeus’

Filipino baby girl names commonly say something about the beauty of life and all its essence. But, regardless of the influence, the names speak beautifully of the person the parents want their babies to become.

Moreover, modern Filipino names are often a mix of different influences, so you will likely hear many familiar names if you visit the Philippines.