Top 50 most popular Filipino baby boy names

Filipino baby boy

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By Fiona Mae Saladaga

The Philippines is a melting pot of modern and traditional cultures that have been influenced by countries across the world. As a result, there is a wide range of Filipino baby boy names parents can pick from, whether you want a conventional name or a completely unique one.

Just like the country itself, Filipino baby boy names exude uniqueness and personality. Existing as a Spanish colony for more than 300 years, a great majority of Filipinos even today have a clear Spanish influence in their names.

Currently, the first name Daniel — a longtime Biblical favorite around the world — ranks as the most popular name for Filipino baby boys. But other common Filipino names — like Bagwis and Jose — are here to stay, too.

If you need the perfect Filipino baby boy name, here’s a list of the 50 most popular first names for little guys born in the Philippines that might serve as inspiration!

50 most popular Filipino baby boy names

Christian – a Greek origin name, means a follower of Christ
Daniel – an ancient name meaning ‘God is my judge’
James – means a usurper; a variation of the name ‘Jacob’
Bagwis – a Filipino word that means ‘long feather’
Antonio – a traditional baby boy name, meaning ‘praiseworthy’
Andre or Andrei – means ‘a warrior’
Emmanuel – means ‘God is with us’
Francis or Francisco – means ‘free’
Paul – a common baby boy name, which means ‘small or humble’
Bayani – an old Filipino term for ‘hero’

Baby boy names with origins in the Philippines

Araw – means ‘sun’
Makisig – means ‘handsome’
Kidlat – means ‘lightning’
Bagani – means ‘a warrior’
Alab – means ‘blaze’
Ulan – means ‘rain’
Dakila – means ‘great’
Danilo – a Filipino variant of the name Daniel, meaning ‘God is my judge’
Honesto – means ‘honest’
Datu – a traditional Filipino name, which means ‘chief or chieftain’

Filipino baby boy names with a Spanish origin

Efren – means ‘fertile’ and ‘fruitful’
Juan – means ‘God is gracious’
Luis – means ‘fame’ and ‘warrior’
Rodrigo – means ‘famous ruler’
Alejandro – means ‘helper of mankind’
Joaquin – means ‘lifted Yahweh’
Hilario – means ‘joyful’
Diego – means ‘singing eagle’
Iñigo – means ‘passionate’ (you may know this name from ‘The Princess Bride‘)
Jacob – means ‘holder of the hill’

Filipino baby boy names with an Italian origin

Paolo – a variation of the name Paul, which means little or humble
Angelo – means ‘angel’ or ‘messenger’
Vito – means ‘life’ or ‘life-giver’
Marco – means ‘warlike’
Santino – means ‘little saint’
Rocco – means ‘rest’
Franco – means ‘a Frenchman or freeman’
Edgardo – means ‘prosperous spearman’
Leonardo – means ‘a brave lion’
Matteo – means ‘gift of God’

Other popular Filipino baby boy names (with a mix of cultural influences)

Many popular Millennial Filipino names feature a mix of influences — so combine two or more names you love, either as a hyphenated name, a first name and a middle name, or a truly hybrid name.

Some two-name combinations include alliterative couplings like Aidan Antonio, Danilo Dominic, and Sebastian Santino.

Gabriel – a Hebrew name meaning ‘Almighty is my strength’
Kevin – an Irish name that means ‘gentle and handsome’
Lester – an English name, meaning ‘a secure place’
Patrick – a Latin name derived from the old name Patricius, which means ‘a nobleman’
Wilfred – an ancient English name, which means ‘desiring peace’
Nicholas – a Greek name that means ‘victory of people’
Carlo – a French name that means ‘strong’
Arnold – an ancient German name meaning ‘the power of the eagle’
Mark – a variation of the name Marco, that means ‘warlike’
Mason – an old English occupational name that means ‘stoneworker’

We hope you find inspiration in these names for your little one!

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