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If you like the name Hazel, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Hazel: From Forests to Family Trees

When you’re expecting a little one, selecting the right name can feel like a monumental task. Enter Hazel: a timeless, elegant name with deep roots. The last couple of decades have marked Hazel’s resurgence.

It’s not only become a favorite among new parents but has also caught the attention of celebrities.

Origins and meaning

Hazel has Old English origins and traditionally referred to the hazelnut tree. In old English, “hæsel” was the word for the hazelnut. The name, over time, started to be used as a given name, capturing the essence of nature and simplicity.

Historically, the name has seen waves of popularity in the English-speaking world. It was a top pick in the early 1900s and then saw a dip for several decades.

In Celtic traditions, the hazel tree, or “coll,” was revered as a tree of knowledge and wisdom. There’s an old tale of nine hazel trees growing around a sacred pool, dropping nuts into the water to be eaten by salmon.

These salmon became wise by consuming the nuts, and the first person to eat one of these salmon would gain all the world’s knowledge.

Because of this story, the name Hazel is sometimes associated with a person who is insightful or wise beyond their years.

Hazel in popular culture

  • Movies and TV: Remember the feisty Hazel Grace Lancaster from “The Fault in Our Stars”? Or the classic 1960s TV show “Hazel”, which revolved around a spunky maid named Hazel Burke?
  • Celebrities: Stars like Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt have chosen the name Hazel for their daughters, bringing added attention to its allure.
  • Music and books: While not as prominent in music, the name Hazel does make appearances in literature beyond just modern young adult novels. Classics like “Watership Down” have characters bearing this earthy name.

Variations and nicknames


Haze, Zel, and Ellie are a few endearing nicknames you might try.

Masculine and Feminine Variations

While Hazel is primarily feminine in English-speaking countries, Hazael is a biblical masculine counterpart.

Foreign adaptations

The beauty of Hazel transcends linguistic borders. Consider the Turkish “Fındık”, which means hazelnut, or the Spanish “Avellana”.

Pronouncing Hazel

When pronouncing Hazel, say it as “HAY-zəl.” This name has two syllables: “HAY” and “zəl.”

For a relatable reference, it rhymes with words like “Mabel” and “fable.”

One thing to note: steer clear of common mispronunciations like “Hah-zel” or “Haze-el.” Stick with “HAY-zəl” to get it just right.

Deciding on Hazel

When selecting a name, it’s crucial to think about its resonance with your family’s heritage and its cultural implications. Hazel, with its history and modern appeal, offers a blend of tradition and trendiness.

Whether you’re swayed by its historical charm, its presence in pop culture, or simply the soothing sound of it, Hazel is a name that promises to remain a popular choice for years to come.



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