Swedish boy names: Top 100 most popular names for boys in Sweden

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Today’s top Swedish boy baby names

From the country that brought us Volvo, Ikea, actors Stellan Skarsgård (plus his sons Alexander, Gustaf, Bill and Valter) and Joel Kinnaman, the “Dragon Tattoo” movies and books of Stieg Larsson, the Smörgåsbord — and, of course, Swedish fish candy — Sweden also brings us a long list of fantastic Scandinavian baby names.

No matter whether you have ties to this Nordic country, just have a love for everything Swedish (yes, including meatballs — we’ll allow it), or just want to find a charming and unique name for your little pojke (boy), we have ideas for you!

Baby names from Sweden

As you eagerly await the arrival of your baby boy, one of the most significant tasks at hand is finding a name that captures the essence of your hopes and dreams for him.

Swedish boy names offer an appealing mix of tradition and modernity that could be just what you’re looking for. These names are often timeless yet fresh, making them an excellent choice for any parent looking for something both unique and meaningful.

The appeal of Swedish boy names

Swedish names carry an understated elegance, often sounding crisp and melodic. Many of these names have strong roots in Scandinavian culture and history, making them a particularly meaningful choice if you have Swedish heritage or an affinity for the region.

Names like Oskar or Erik have been made popular by prominent Swedish figures in various fields. Consider Oskar Schindler, whose story was immortalized in the film “Schindler’s List,” or Erik Erikson, the well-known developmental psychologist. You might also find inspiration in modern Swedish figures like star DJ Avicii (whose real name was Tim Bergling).

Points to ponder

While many Swedish boy names are phonetically straightforward, some can pose pronunciation challenges. Names with specific Swedish sounds or accents might not translate perfectly into English or other languages. It’s important to consider how easily the name can be pronounced and spelled in your own cultural context.

Contemporary trends and influences

While traditional names hold their charm, contemporary Swedish names are increasingly finding their way into modern families. Names like Liam, Noah, and Hugo have gained popularity in Sweden, and are also well-received in English-speaking countries. You may want to consider these if you’re looking for a name that blends Swedish culture with a more international appeal.

Popular Swedish boy names

Here’s a list of popular masculine names from Sweden that might be perfect for your little one:


These names have a Swedish feel and may be a good fit, too:


Choosing a Swedish name for your baby boy can offer him a unique identity with a touch of Scandinavian elegance. Whether you go for a name that’s been celebrated for generations or one that’s becoming popular in modern times, you’re sure to find a name that resonates with your family and carries meaningful significance for your son.

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100 most popular names for boys in Sweden

Here’s a complete list of the top 100 Swedish boy names, but you can find still more Swedish baby names listed here.

You can sort this baby name list by popularity rank, in alphabetical order, or by the number of letters in the name -- or also choose to view some or all of the records. (Search for all or part of a baby name using the search area on the upper right of the table.)

RankName# of letters
1Lucas5 letters
2Liam4 letters
3William7 letters
4Elias 6 letters
5Noah4 letters
6Hugo 5 letters
7Oliver 7 letters
8Oscar5 letters
9Adam4 letters
10Matteo6 letters
11Walter6 letters
12Alexander 10 letters
13Leo 4 letters
14Nils 5 letters
15Alfred6 letters
16Ludvig 7 letters
17Adrian6 letters
18Theo 5 letters
19Leon 5 letters
20Elliot6 letters
21Arvid 6 letters
22Vincent7 letters
23Theodor7 letters
24Filip5 letters
25Axel 5 letters
26Harry5 letters
27Frans5 letters
28Charlie7 letters
29Mohamed7 letters
30Gabriel7 letters
31Isak 5 letters
32August6 letters
33Loui4 letters
34Benjamin 9 letters
35Sam3 letters
36Josef 6 letters
37Ebbe4 letters
38Melvin 7 letters
39Love 5 letters
40Olle 5 letters
41Albin 6 letters
42Henry5 letters
43Edvin 6 letters
44Elton5 letters
45Emil4 letters
46Malte5 letters
47Vidar5 letters
48Gustav 7 letters
49Jack4 letters
50Frank5 letters
51Viggo 6 letters
52Noel 5 letters
53Sixten 7 letters
54Viktor6 letters
55Melker 7 letters
56Jacob5 letters
57Casper 7 letters
58Erik 5 letters
59Tage4 letters
60Aron4 letters
61Loke 5 letters
62Otto4 letters
63Wilmer 7 letters
64Colin5 letters
65Milo4 letters
66Sigge5 letters
67Alvin5 letters
68Carl4 letters
69Milton 7 letters
70Wilhelm7 letters
71Anton5 letters
72Ivar4 letters
73Kian4 letters
74Julian6 letters
75Max 4 letters
76Elis 5 letters
77Levi4 letters
78Nicholas8 letters
79Elvin5 letters
80Felix5 letters
81Vilgot6 letters
82Ali3 letters
83Omar4 letters
84Hjalmar7 letters
85Ture4 letters
86Samuel6 letters
87David 6 letters
88Kevin5 letters
89Joel4 letters
90Vide4 letters
91Amir4 letters
92Ville5 letters
93Dante5 letters
94John4 letters
95Daniel6 letters
96Algot5 letters
97Folke5 letters
98Alve4 letters
99Ibrahim7 letters
100Thor4 letters

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Source: Statistics Sweden, Stockholm – 2019