200 most popular baby names for girls born in 1994

200 most popular baby names for girls born in 1994

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Back in 1994, the population of the United States was 260,289,237 — and that number includes the nearly four million new babies born that year.

Then, of the two million or so of those that were girls, the number 1 baby name was Jessica, with 32,117 little Jessicas born that year.

In addition to all those girls named Jessica, there were also a few other people you might have heard of who arrived that year — like Dakota Fanning, Alexandria DeBerry and Lucy Boynton.

Here, check out the top 200 baby names for girls born in the US in 1994!

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Listed and ranked by popularity: The 200 most popular baby names for girls born in 1994

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RankNameNumber of letters
1Jessica7 letters
2Ashley6 letters
3Emily5 letters
4Samantha8 letters
5Sarah5 letters
6Taylor6 letters
7Brittany8 letters
8Amanda6 letters
9Elizabeth9 letters
10Megan5 letters
11Nicole6 letters
12Kayla5 letters
13Rachel6 letters
14Lauren6 letters
15Stephanie9 letters
16Hannah6 letters
17Jennifer8 letters
18Alexis6 letters
19Victoria8 letters
20Danielle8 letters
21Amber5 letters
22Courtney8 letters
23Jasmine7 letters
24Rebecca7 letters
25Morgan6 letters
26Alyssa6 letters
27Brianna7 letters
28Alexandra9 letters
29Kelsey6 letters
30Katherine9 letters
31Melissa7 letters
32Kimberly8 letters
33Michelle8 letters
34Allison7 letters
35Tiffany7 letters
36Haley5 letters
37Mary4 letters
38Chelsea7 letters
39Christina9 letters
40Shelby6 letters
41Anna4 letters
42Abigail7 letters
43Sara4 letters
44Heather7 letters
45Erin4 letters
46Laura5 letters
47Maria5 letters
48Kaitlyn7 letters
49Andrea6 letters
50Olivia6 letters
51Madison7 letters
52Jordan6 letters
53Marissa7 letters
54Brooke6 letters
55Kristen7 letters
56Natalie7 letters
57Erica5 letters
58Katelyn7 letters
59Vanessa7 letters
60Shannon7 letters
61Miranda7 letters
62Kelly5 letters
63Paige5 letters
64Crystal7 letters
65Jacqueline10 letters
66Cassandra9 letters
67Gabrielle9 letters
68Briana6 letters
69Lindsey7 letters
70Katie5 letters
71Sierra6 letters
72Julia5 letters
73Alexandria10 letters
74Emma4 letters
75Mariah6 letters
76Sydney6 letters
77Amy3 letters
78Caitlin7 letters
79Kathryn7 letters
80Jenna5 letters
81Angela6 letters
82Savannah8 letters
83Alicia6 letters
84Catherine9 letters
85Breanna7 letters
86Destiny7 letters
87Jamie5 letters
88Monica6 letters
89Brittney8 letters
90Erika5 letters
91Whitney7 letters
92Madeline8 letters
93Kaitlin7 letters
94Caroline8 letters
95Alexa5 letters
96Molly5 letters
97Sabrina7 letters
98Diana5 letters
99Cheyenne8 letters
100Meghan6 letters
101Leah4 letters
102Mackenzie9 letters
103Grace5 letters
104Christine9 letters
105Cynthia7 letters
106Margaret8 letters
107Lindsay7 letters
108Angelica8 letters
109Michaela8 letters
110Veronica8 letters
111Bianca6 letters
112Holly5 letters
113Kristina8 letters
114Kristin7 letters
115Gabriela8 letters
116Bethany7 letters
117Autumn6 letters
118Casey5 letters
119Hailey6 letters
120Melanie7 letters
121Brenda6 letters
122Brandi6 letters
123Lisa4 letters
124Rachael7 letters
125Desiree7 letters
126Kendra6 letters
127April5 letters
128Karen5 letters
129Julie5 letters
130Kathleen8 letters
131Leslie6 letters
132Dominique9 letters
133Natasha7 letters
134Kara4 letters
135Patricia8 letters
136Hayley6 letters
137Bailey6 letters
138Carly5 letters
139Cassidy7 letters
140Karina6 letters
141Summer6 letters
142Tori4 letters
143Ana3 letters
144Nancy5 letters
145Ariel5 letters
146Marisa6 letters
147Tara4 letters
148Alejandra9 letters
149Claire6 letters
150Caitlyn7 letters
151Adriana7 letters
152Rebekah7 letters
153Alison6 letters
154Kaylee6 letters
155Chloe5 letters
156Raven5 letters
157Jocelyn7 letters
158Kylie5 letters
159Valerie7 letters
160Gabriella9 letters
161Jade4 letters
162Audrey6 letters
163Katrina7 letters
164Krystal7 letters
165Deanna6 letters
166Ariana6 letters
167Dana4 letters
168Mikayla7 letters
169Meagan6 letters
170Diamond7 letters
171Sandra6 letters
172Kassandra9 letters
173Jasmin6 letters
174Bridget7 letters
175Monique7 letters
176Angel5 letters
177Daisy5 letters
178Chelsey7 letters
179Kendall7 letters
180Ashlee6 letters
181Felicia7 letters
182Krista6 letters
183Joanna6 letters
184Khadijah8 letters
185Sophia6 letters
186Yesenia7 letters
187Mallory7 letters
188Lydia5 letters
189Mercedes8 letters
190Jazmin6 letters
191Jillian7 letters
192Mckenzie8 letters
193Kirsten7 letters
194Gina4 letters
195Jazmine7 letters
196Cindy5 letters
197Priscilla9 letters
198Claudia7 letters
199Makayla7 letters
200Alisha6 letters