Top 100 Puerto Rican baby names for boys & girls

Puerto Rican baby names

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Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island that is also a United States territory, is the beautiful homeland of 3.3 million American citizens — including lots of beautiful baby boys and girls!

On the island, Spanish is the primary language, and while English is taught as a second language, Puerto Rican baby names clearly show their Hispanic influence. (In fact, the island of Hispaniola — with the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic — is a mere 70 miles to the west.)

Long ago, Puerto Rico was populated by the Taíno people, an indigenous culture with a rich South American ancestry, who were all but wiped out by the impact of colonization that began after Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492.

Still, some aspects of their remarkable society survive. For example, we can thank the Taino for several everyday words like guava, maize, potato, hammock, tobacco and canoe. They are even responsible for a few words that might work as boy baby names: Indigo and Mahogany — or as names for girls: Indigo (yes, again — it’s a great unisex name) and Savannah.

In addition to what’s on the list below of the hundred most popular names from Puerto Rico in 2017, there are still other names to consider.

For example, for boys, check out a few of the island’s city names — like Aibonito, Añasco, Arecibo, Arroyo, Cataño, Coamo, Comerio, Dorado, Lajas, Manatí, (San) Lorenzo and (San) Sebastián. Having a girl? Think about Carolina, Salinas, Barceloneta, Cidra, Sabana (Grande), (Santa) Isabel and Isabela.

Now, have a look at these two top 100 baby name lists!

Top 100 Puerto Rican baby names for boys

There are a lot of great names on this top 100 names from Puerto Rico! A few are variations of the same name, such as Derek & Dereck, and Jacob & Jaycob. Three of our favorite names from this list: Elian, Matteo and Kendriel.

Puerto Rican baby names for boys

You can sort this baby name list by popularity rank, in alphabetical order, or by the number of letters in the name -- or also choose to view some or all of the records. (Search for all or part of a baby name using the search area on the upper right of the table.)

RankNameNumber of letters
1Sebastian9 letters
2Dylan5 letters
3Ian3 letters
4Jayden6 letters
5Adrian6 letters
6Angel5 letters
7Luis4 letters
8Mateo5 letters
9Diego5 letters
10Lucas5 letters
11Fabian6 letters
12Noah4 letters
13Carlos6 letters
14Jose4 letters
15Ethan5 letters
16Jacob5 letters
17Matteo6 letters
18Liam4 letters
19Thiago6 letters
20Caleb5 letters
21Matthew7 letters
22Damian6 letters
23Daniel6 letters
24Isaac5 letters
25Alejandro9 letters
26Gabriel7 letters
27Julian6 letters
28Aiden5 letters
29Elian5 letters
30Nicolas7 letters
31Juan4 letters
32Alexander9 letters
33Aaron5 letters
34Alan4 letters
35Ryan4 letters
36Ricardo7 letters
37Dereck6 letters
38Kaleb5 letters
39Andres6 letters
40Christian9 letters
41Gustavo7 letters
42Keniel6 letters
43Hector6 letters
44Jeremy6 letters
45Jorge5 letters
46Derek5 letters
47Keyden6 letters
48Leonardo8 letters
49Marcos6 letters
50Miguel6 letters
51Nathan6 letters
52Dariel6 letters
53Jesus5 letters
54Michael7 letters
55Esteban7 letters
56Gael4 letters
57Victor6 letters
58Jaycob6 letters
59Kayden6 letters
60Mauro5 letters
61Yahir5 letters
62Evan4 letters
63Jean4 letters
64Alex4 letters
65Eithan6 letters
66Matias6 letters
67Axel4 letters
68David5 letters
69Ezequiel8 letters
70Jeyden6 letters
71Kevin5 letters
72Milan5 letters
73William7 letters
74Anthony7 letters
75Elias5 letters
76Joseph6 letters
77Alexis6 letters
78Ayden5 letters
79Kendriel8 letters
80Zahir5 letters
81Abdiel6 letters
82Bryan5 letters
83Edwin5 letters
84Eiden5 letters
85Jeriel6 letters
86Samuel6 letters
87John4 letters
88Mauricio8 letters
89Eliam5 letters
90Ignacio7 letters
91Kendrick8 letters
92Owen4 letters
93Pablo5 letters
94Eduardo7 letters
95Jonael6 letters
96Kenneth7 letters
97Rafael6 letters
98Isaias6 letters
99Gian4 letters
100Rodrigo7 letters

Top 100 Puerto Rican baby names for girls

So many pretty baby names — and the majority of them end with the letter A. Three of our favorites from this list: Amalia, Dariana and Luna.

Puerto Rican baby names for girls

RankNameNumber of letters
1Valentina9 letters
2Victoria8 letters
3Mia3 letters
4Amanda6 letters
5Mikaela7 letters
6Camila6 letters
7Amaia5 letters
8Emma4 letters
9Kamila6 letters
10Sofia5 letters
11Isabella8 letters
12Andrea6 letters
13Alaia5 letters
14Sophia6 letters
15Alana5 letters
16Amalia6 letters
17Leah4 letters
18Alanis6 letters
19Valeria7 letters
20Daniela7 letters
21Gabriela8 letters
22Alondra7 letters
23Ariana6 letters
24Adriana7 letters
25Brianna7 letters
26Catalina8 letters
27Ana3 letters
28Genesis7 letters
29Amelia6 letters
30Alanna6 letters
31Amahia6 letters
32Alahia6 letters
33Alejandra9 letters
34Lia3 letters
35Paula5 letters
36Mila4 letters
37Arianna7 letters
38Amaya5 letters
39Aurora6 letters
40Milena6 letters
41Natalia7 letters
42Alexa5 letters
43Liah4 letters
44Luna4 letters
45Nahiara7 letters
46Sarah5 letters
47Ainara6 letters
48Allison7 letters
49Gianna6 letters
50Stella6 letters
51Alanys6 letters
52Abigail7 letters
53Amira5 letters
54Fabiola7 letters
55Alianys7 letters
56Alina5 letters
57Gia3 letters
58Angelica8 letters
59Ivanna6 letters
60Miranda7 letters
61Amy3 letters
62Emily5 letters
63Sara4 letters
64Anaia5 letters
65Antonella9 letters
66Juliette8 letters
67Maia4 letters
68Mariana7 letters
69Anna4 letters
70Carolina8 letters
71Maria5 letters
72Paola5 letters
73Charlotte9 letters
74Elianys7 letters
75Anaiah6 letters
76Briana6 letters
77Eva3 letters
78Isabel6 letters
79Lorena6 letters
80Micaela7 letters
81Analia6 letters
82Elena5 letters
83Isabelle8 letters
84Nahia5 letters
85Ariadna7 letters
86Dariana7 letters
87Gabriella9 letters
88Layla5 letters
89Nayla5 letters
90Aliana6 letters
91Leia4 letters
92Marina6 letters
93Penelope8 letters
94Amaiah6 letters
95Angelique9 letters
96Arielys7 letters
97Bryanna7 letters
98Darielys8 letters
99Estela6 letters
100Jimena6 letters

Name list source: United States Social Security Administration database