Catch a wave with these surfing-inspired baby names

Surfing-inspired baby names

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Surfing-inspired baby names

Surf’s up!

For all of you beach lovers out there, the perfect baby name may just be something connected to one of the most popular beach sports ever — surfing. Whether you are having a boy or girl, there are many unique surfer-inspired names to choose from.

There are many boy names that just sound like the names of surfing lovers. If you ever met a room full of male surfers then you will likely hear names like Jax, Kai, Finn, Brody and Blake.

There are also many names that are associated with the world of surfing. Some highly unique choices are Dover (the Welsh name for water), Dax (the English name for water), Fontana (the Italian word for fountain), Dillian (the name for the Ocean’s son in the Welsh language), Calder (the Scottish term for water that is rough) and Takukmi (Man of the Sea in Japanese culture).

If you are a true surfing lover and actually follow the sport, than you may want to name your little surfer dude after a professional or famous surfer. Some great choices are Sunny (after the Long Beach surfer Sunny Reynolds or the Hawaiian surfer Sunny Garcia) or Taj (after the famous Aussie surfer, Taj Burrow).

Names for your little dudette

Surfing, of course, is not just for the guys. There are many girls and women who have found joy in catching some waves as well. Some great surfette names inspired by the sport and the beach itself include Summer, Coral, Sunshine, Shelly and Oceana.

As with the boys’ names, there are many names associated with water and surfing that you can consider for your little girl. Brooklyn, Kendria, and Ambu are all names that mean water in different cultures. Some other very unique choices are Nixie (after the German water sprite), Nami (meaning “wave” in Japanese), Moselle (after the Hebrew word meaning “of water”) and Genevieve (meaning “white waves” in the Celtic tongue.) If you would like to give your little girl the name of an actual surfer chick than you may want to consider Maya (Gaberira), Sage (Erickson), Layne (Beachley) or Anastasia (Ashley).

Beaches known for excellent surfing

You can also find some fantastic inspiration for your baby names from beaches that are known across the world for surfing. Some good examples are Newport (Male) Beach in California, Bells (Female) Beach in Bells Australia, Maui (Unisex) for the popular Hawaiian beach well known as being a surfer’s hangout, Moon (Unisex) after Half Moon Bay in California, Dana after Dana Point in California, Zuma (a beach in California, and the name of Gwen Stefani’s son), and Catarina after Santa Catarina, Brazil.

More inspiration

If you need more inspiration why not consider choosing the name of one of your favorite beaches? With so many coastal states it should not be hard to find several beach names that may strike you as the perfect one for your beach bunny or little fish. Good luck dudes!