Most popular twin names: Two girls

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Having girl/girl twins? Check out the most popular name combinations in the US for the year 2010 for sets of baby girls!

From the rhyming (such as Isabella and Gabriella), to the single letter differences (see Mia and Mya), to the mirror image names (Heaven and Nevaeh) and the themed couplets (London and Paris, or Hope and Faith), see what trends parents of baby twins are creating.

Most popular baby names for twin girls

Twin girls 1-25 Twin girls 26-50
  1. Ella and Emma
  2. Olivia and Sophia
  3. Gabriella and Isabella
  4. Faith and Hope
  5. Ava and Emma
  6. Isabella and Sophia
  7. Madison and Morgan
  8. Ava and Ella
  9. Ava and Olivia
  10. Mackenzie and Madison
  11. Abigail and Isabella
  12. Abigail and Emma
  13. Hailey and Hannah
  14. Makayla and Makenzie
  15. Addison and Avery
  16. Elizabeth and Emily
  17. Ava and Mia
  18. Heaven and Nevaeh
  19. Abigail and Emily
  20. Emma and Olivia
  21. London and Paris
  22. Chloe and Claire
  23. Mia and Mya
  24. Anna and Emma
  25. Arianna and Brianna
  1. Isabella and Olivia
  2. Abigail and Lillian
  3. Addison and Ava
  4. Emma and Isabella
  5. Samantha and Sophia
  6. Ella and Olivia
  7. Emma and Hannah
  8. Emma and Mia
  9. Faith and Grace
  10. Madison and Makenzie
  11. Madison and Olivia
  12. Abigail and Olivia
  13. Anabella and Isabella
  14. Chloe and Zoe
  15. Elizabeth and Isabella
  16. Elizabeth and Victoria
  17. Jada and Jade
  18. Julia and Sophia
  19. Kayla and Kylie
  20. Madison and Megan
  21. Mia and Sophia
  22. Natalie and Olivia
  23. Paige and Payton
  24. Serenity and Trinity
  25. Valentina and Valeria

Source: SSA – 2010