200 most popular baby names for boys born in 1994

200 most popular baby names for boys born in 1994

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In 1994, the population of the United States was 260,289,237 — and that number includes the nearly four million new babies born that year.

Then, of the two million or so of those that were boys, the number 1 baby name was Michael, with 44,470 little Michaels born that year.

In addition to all those boys named Michael, there were also a few other people you might have heard of who arrived that year — like Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Noah Crawford.

Here, check out the top 200 baby names for boys born in the US in 1994! You can sort the list by popularity rank, in alphabetical order, or by the number of letters in the name — plus you can also choose to view some or all of the records. (You can search for all or part of a baby name using the search area on the upper right of the table.)

200 most popular baby names for boys born in 1994

Listed and ranked by popularity: The 200 most popular baby names for boys born in 1994

RankNameNumber of letters
1Michael7 letters
2Christopher11 letters
3Matthew7 letters
4Joshua6 letters
5Tyler5 letters
6Brandon7 letters
7Jacob5 letters
8Daniel6 letters
9Nicholas8 letters
10Andrew6 letters
11Joseph6 letters
12Zachary7 letters
13David5 letters
14James5 letters
15John4 letters
16Ryan4 letters
17Austin6 letters
18Anthony7 letters
19William7 letters
20Justin6 letters
21Robert6 letters
22Alexander9 letters
23Jonathan8 letters
24Kyle4 letters
25Cody4 letters
26Kevin5 letters
27Thomas6 letters
28Aaron5 letters
29Jordan6 letters
30Eric4 letters
31Benjamin8 letters
32Dylan5 letters
33Samuel6 letters
34Steven6 letters
35Christian9 letters
36Jose4 letters
37Brian5 letters
38Adam4 letters
39Timothy7 letters
40Nathan6 letters
41Richard7 letters
42Patrick7 letters
43Charles7 letters
44Sean4 letters
45Jesse5 letters
46Jason5 letters
47Jeremy6 letters
48Mark4 letters
49Stephen7 letters
50Alex4 letters
51Juan4 letters
52Cameron7 letters
53Travis6 letters
54Taylor6 letters
55Jeffrey7 letters
56Dustin6 letters
57Luis4 letters
58Trevor6 letters
59Connor6 letters
60Caleb5 letters
61Devin5 letters
62Evan4 letters
63Jared5 letters
64Paul4 letters
65Kenneth7 letters
66Bryan5 letters
67Hunter6 letters
68Gabriel7 letters
69Dakota6 letters
70Logan5 letters
71Mitchell8 letters
72Carlos6 letters
73Corey5 letters
74Ian3 letters
75Marcus6 letters
76Gregory7 letters
77Derek5 letters
78Nathaniel9 letters
79Jesus5 letters
80Scott5 letters
81Blake5 letters
82Garrett7 letters
83Bradley7 letters
84Edward6 letters
85Dalton6 letters
86Shawn5 letters
87Peter5 letters
88Antonio7 letters
89Ethan5 letters
90Seth4 letters
91Luke4 letters
92Shane5 letters
93Victor6 letters
94Miguel6 letters
95Lucas5 letters
96Tanner6 letters
97Adrian6 letters
98Spencer7 letters
99Erik4 letters
100Vincent7 letters
101Dillon6 letters
102Cory4 letters
103Isaac5 letters
104Angel5 letters
105Alejandro9 letters
106Jake4 letters
107Brett5 letters
108Joel4 letters
109Alec4 letters
110George6 letters
111Cole4 letters
112Jorge5 letters
113Eduardo7 letters
114Chase5 letters
115Raymond7 letters
116Casey5 letters
117Devon5 letters
118Wesley6 letters
119Ricardo7 letters
120Francisco9 letters
121Colton6 letters
122Oscar5 letters
123Troy4 letters
124Colin5 letters
125Mason5 letters
126Keith5 letters
127Jack4 letters
128Dominic7 letters
129Chad4 letters
130Brendan7 letters
131Phillip7 letters
132Donald6 letters
133Elijah6 letters
134Johnathan9 letters
135Martin6 letters
136Derrick7 letters
137Ronald6 letters
138Cristian8 letters
139Xavier6 letters
140Julian6 letters
141Frank5 letters
142Mario5 letters
143Manuel6 letters
144Alan4 letters
145Omar4 letters
146Henry5 letters
147Edgar5 letters
148Andre5 letters
149Clayton7 letters
150Bryce5 letters
151Grant5 letters
152Collin6 letters
153Javier6 letters
154Jonathon8 letters
155Darius6 letters
156Douglas7 letters
157Levi4 letters
158Jeremiah8 letters
159Noah4 letters
160Sergio6 letters
161Hector6 letters
162Roberto7 letters
163Andres6 letters
164Nicolas7 letters
165Johnny6 letters
166Jackson7 letters
167Gary4 letters
168Philip6 letters
169Isaiah6 letters
170Curtis6 letters
171Drew4 letters
172Ivan4 letters
173Brady5 letters
174Fernando8 letters
175Edwin5 letters
176Hayden6 letters
177Dennis6 letters
178Cesar5 letters
179Allen5 letters
180Zachery7 letters
181Ruben5 letters
182Maxwell7 letters
183Jalen5 letters
184Marco5 letters
185Erick5 letters
186Randy5 letters
187Mathew6 letters
188Brent5 letters
189Pedro5 letters
190Tony4 letters
191Max3 letters
192Jerry5 letters
193Preston7 letters
194Riley5 letters
195Calvin6 letters
196Larry5 letters
197Wyatt5 letters
198Craig5 letters
199Raul4 letters
200Colby5 letters