50 royal baby names for British princes & princesses

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50 royal baby names

Back in 1960, when Queen Elizabeth was about to give birth to her third child, the public speculated about the name and gender of the future prince or princess. (Spoiler alert: The baby turned out to be Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, whose first name came from his paternal grandfather, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark.)

Even nearly 60 years later, speculation about royal baby names is much the same, as WIlliam and Kate have their children (already they have George, Charlotte and Louis), and as we wait to hear the name chosen for Harry and Meghan’s baby.

If the royal baby is a girl, a British the newspaper tells its readers, 24-1/2 percent of the British public wants her to be called Mary. Another 10 percent of the cross-section questioned by the paper’s opinion poll favor Elizabeth. Smaller percentages prefer Victoria, Margaret, Caroline, Jane and a variety of other names, with a significant 17 percent registered as undecided. If it’s a boy, George noses out Philip, John and Edward by a narrow margin.

In assisting the press by volunteering such information, the public is offering a modest return for a wealth of detail about the impending royal birth in which few angles have been overlooked. A few examples: All items in the baby’s layette are white and trimmed with blue or primrose. The Queen is not fond of pink. The Queen’s choice of yellow and white for the cradle proves that she is truly a modern mother. There is a general trend nowadays to break away from the usual pink-for-a-girl, blue-for-a-boy scheme.

And from one fearless paper: “As the whole world speculates — often quite madly and inaccurately — about what will go on in the royal nursery, I can tell you one thing that I know the Queen will whisper to Prince Philip as they both gaze down at their new baby: ‘How tiny! I’d forgotten the other two were ever so small!'” – Times Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (February 10, 1960)

Royal baby names for girls – princesses and queens

  1. Agnes
  2. Alexandra
  3. Alice
  4. Anne
  5. Augusta
  6. Beatrice
  7. Caroline
  8. Catherine
  9. Charlotte
  10. Diana
  11. Elizabeth
  12. Eugenie
  13. Helena
  14. Helene
  15. Jane
  16. Louisa
  17. Louise
  18. Margaret
  19. Mary
  20. Maud
  21. Olga
  22. Victoria

Royal baby names for boys – princes and kings

  1. Albert
  2. Alexander
  3. Alfred
  4. Andrew
  5. Arthur
  6. Auguste
  7. Augustus
  8. Charles
  9. David
  10. Douglas
  11. Edgar
  12. Edmund
  13. Edward
  14. Egbert
  15. Ernest
  16. Ethelred
  17. Francis
  18. Frederick
  19. George
  20. Harold
  21. Henry
  22. James
  23. John
  24. Louis
  25. Philip
  26. Richard
  27. Stephen
  28. William