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If you like the name Sarah, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Splendid Sarah: A classic and graceful choice

In choosing a name like Sarah, you’re selecting a name with widespread appeal and a variety of creative adaptations.

It’s a name that can carry your child from childhood through adulthood with grace and timelessness.

Popularity of Sarah

Sarah has been a beloved choice for centuries. Its consistent popularity is evident, as it has ranked within the top 200 most popular girl names since the year 1900 in the United States​​.

Sarah was particularly popular in the ’80s and ’90s, reaching as high as the third spot in 1993. Though it has seen a decline since 1989, Sarah firmly held the 92nd position in 2021 for newborn girls​​.

It was a Top 10 name from 1978 to 2002, and even now, it’s a widely used name starting with ‘S’​​.

The name’s popularity is also mirrored in the U.K., where it gained traction after the Protestant Reformation, ranking as the tenth most popular female baby name in 2014​​.

Celebrities named Sarah

Sarah is a name commonly seen in the world of celebrities:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Acclaimed actress in “Sex and the City”​​.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar: Starred in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”​​.
  • Sarah Paulson: Known for “American Horror Story” and “The People v. O. J. Simpson”​​.
  • Sarah Hyland: Recognized for “Modern Family”​​.
  • Sara Bareilles: Singer-songwriter famous for “Love Song”​​.
  • Sarah Silverman: Renowned comedian and actress​​.
  • Sarah Palin: Prominent figure in American politics​​.
  • Sarah McLachlan: Canadian singer-songwriter, known for her philanthropic efforts​​.
  • Sarah Lancaster: Actress known for roles in “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” and “Chuck”​​.
  • Sarah Polley: Canadian actress, director, and political activist​​.
  • Sarah Bolger: Irish actress known for “The Tudors” and “Once Upon a Time”​​.
  • Sarah Drew: Actress from “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Everwood”​​.
  • Sarah Millican: English comedian, winner at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe​​.
  • Sara Jean Underwood: American model, television host, and actress​​.
  • Sarah Chalke: Canadian actress and voice artist, known for “Scrubs” and “How I Met Your Mother”​​.
  • Sarah Shahi: Actress and former NFL cheerleader, known for “The L Word” and “Person of Interest”​​.
  • Sara Gilbert: Actress best known for “Roseanne” and co-host of “The Talk”​​.
  • Sara Ramirez: Mexican American actress, singer, and songwriter, known for “Grey’s Anatomy”​​.

Popular fictional characters named Sarah include:

  • Sarah Connor from the “Terminator” series.
  • Sarah Sanderson from “Hocus Pocus”.
  • Sarah Crewe from “A Little Princess”.
  • Sarah Walker from the TV series “Chuck”.

Variations and nicknames

Sarah is predominantly a feminine name, but similar-sounding names like Soren or Dara can be masculine alternatives.

With a name like Sarah, you have many variations and nicknames to choose from.

Common nicknames include:

  • Sara
  • Sally
  • Sadie

Modern adaptations of Sarah often include unique spellings, such as:

  • Saira
  • Sahra
  • Sarai

Internationally, you’ll find variations like:

  • Sara in Italian and Spanish
  • Sarra in French
  • Sarai, a Hebrew variant

Pronunciation of the name

Pronouncing Sarah is straightforward: “SAIR-uh,” with the emphasis on the first syllable. It’s a two-syllable name that might be commonly mispronounced as “Sah-rah” in some regions.

Similar sounding names

If you’re drawn to the sound and feel of Sarah but are considering other options, here are some names that have a similar vibe:

  • Lara
  • Tara
  • Cara
  • Mara

Origin of Sarah

The name Sarah has origins in Hebrew, and is historically linked to the biblical matriarch Sarah, the wife of Abraham and a key figure in Abrahamic religions​​.

In Hebrew, Sarah (שָׂרָה‎) is the feminine form of the noun Sar (שַׂר), meaning “chief”, “ruler”, or “prince”, and is also related to the verb שָׂרָה‎, which forms the basis of the name Israel​​.

In Modern Hebrew, Sarah translates to the feminine form of “minister”​​. This name has been a staple across Europe, North America, and the Middle East, cherished by Jews, Muslims and Christians, as well as by those outside these religious traditions​​.

Sarah (originally named Sarai) is a figure in the Book of Genesis and has contributed massively to the name’s popularity.

In the Bible, God commanded Abraham to leave his father Terah’s house and travel to Canaan, promising to make him the father of a great nation.

Sarah, along with Abraham’s nephew Lot, accompanied Abraham on this journey, moving to the land promised by God​​.

During a severe famine in Canaan, Abraham and Sarah traveled to Egypt. Fearing for his life due to Sarah’s beauty, Abraham asked her to identify herself as his sister. This ruse led to Pharaoh bestowing gifts upon them, mistaking Sarah as Abraham’s sister.

However, when plagues struck Pharaoh’s house, he realized Sarah was Abraham’s wife and commanded them to leave Egypt​​.

Back in Canaan and still childless after ten years, Sarah suggested that Abraham have a child with her servant, Hagar. This resulted in the birth of Ishmael, creating tension between Sarah and Hagar — for Hagar no longer showed deference to Sarah​​.

When Abraham was ninety-nine, God promised that Sarah would bear a son. This seemed improbable due to their advanced ages, and Sarah laughed at the idea.

Yet, as foretold, she became pregnant and bore a son — Isaac, whose name means “he will laugh”. He is a pivotal figure in the Biblical narrative, leading to the lineage of the Israelites​​.



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