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If you like the name Elliot, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Elliot explored: The eloquent elegance of a timeless name

The baby names Elliot and Elliott have a charm that often captures the hearts of parents. They’re names that carry with them a sense of strength and tradition, while still feeling contemporary.

These two names have both been buzzing on the popularity charts, and have a rich history worth exploring. As you scroll down, you’ll uncover the evolution, popularity, and cultural relevance of both names, along with variations and pronunciation details.

The history and origin of Elliot & Elliott

The name Elliot is of Hebrew origin and is believed to be connected to the Old French name ‘Elie’ and its Hebrew variant ‘Elijah’. The name Elijah combines ‘El’, meaning God, and ‘Yahweh’, translating to ‘is my God’, hence Elliot carries the meaning “my God is Yahweh,” or “the Lord is my God.”

Over time, it morphed into Elliot, a name more commonly used in English-speaking countries

The names Elliot/Elliott, Elias, and Elijah are intertwined through their shared origins and meanings, revolving around the divine reference to God. The transition from Elijah to Elliot saw the name adopting a more modern, yet classical feel, bridging different cultures and languages.

Pronunciation and basic details

Pronouncing Elliot is straightforward — it’s pronounced as “ELL-ee-ut” with the emphasis on the first syllable. It’s a three-syllable name that flows smoothly off the tongue.

A common mispronunciation to be aware of is “el-LEE-ot” with emphasis on the second syllable. And if you’re wondering, both Elliot and Elliott are pronounced the same way.

Popularity trends

The given name Elliot (with one T) has seen a significant rise in popularity over the years, going from rank 937 in 1903 to its peak at rank 150 in 2022.

The name Elliott (with two T) followed a similar trajectory, from rank 476 in 1901 to 168 in 2022. Both names have been trending upwards, especially in the last two decades, with Elliot often ranking higher than Elliott.

In particular, from 2000 onwards, Elliot jumped from rank 468 to 150, and Elliott from 539 to 168, showcasing a steady rise in popularity for both spellings of the name.

Pop culture: Famous faces and characters named Elliot

  • Elliot Page: A talented actor known for roles in “Juno” and “Inception.”
  • Elliot Richardson: A significant political figure during the Nixon administration.
  • Elliot Alderson: A fictional character from the TV series “Mr. Robot.”

Elliot in entertainment & beyond

  • Elliot Stabler: A principal character from the TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Features a young boy named Elliot as a central character.
  • Elliot: A popular name among characters in various books and films, denoting a gentle yet strong personality.
  • Cass Elliot: The singer also known as Mama Cass, from the Mamas and the Papas

And with two Ts:

  • Elliott Gould: Actor
  • Elliott Smith: Folk Singer​
  • Elliott Brown: Football Player​
  • Elliott Carter: A notable composer​
  • Missy Elliott: A famous musician known for hits like “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Hot Boyz”
  • Sam Elliott: An actor best known for appearing in Western films and TV series​

Nicknames, variations, and adaptions

Some of the commonly used nicknames include El, Ellie, and Eli. Elliot is a unisex name, with a feminine variation often spelled as Elliott or Elliette.

Popular variants include Eliot, Elyot, Elliotte, Ellyotte and Elliette. In French, it’s often spelled as Éliot, while in Italian it adapts to Eliotto.

Is Elliot or Elliott a good baby name for your family?

Elliot, with its rich history and modern charm, could be a wonderful choice as you continue on your baby naming adventure. Deliberating on how Elliot pairs with your surname, or considering middle name combinations, might lead you closer to making a choice. You also can consider whether to spell it with one T at the end or two.


History of the name Elliot (from the 1920s)

Among all Old Testament first names, the one that gained almost the greatest popularity in medieval times was Elijah or Elias, popular in France under the form Elie. From Elie, we derive the usual English surnames Ellis and Elliot, Elliott or Eliot.

The Elliot family is descended from Sir William de Aliot, who came to England with the Conqueror. His arms were azure, a canton or; crest, an arm and sword; motto, “Par Saxa, per ignes, fortiter et recte.”

His descendants settled at the village of Elliot in Forfarshire, and some generations later, in the seventeenth century, were seated on the border, in Liddisdale.

Although those bearing one or another form of this name in America today are usually rather particular as to the way in which they spell their name — Eliot, Elliot or Elliott — the particular spelling seems to indicate little or nothing concerning the origin of the family.



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