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If you like the name Seraphine, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

All about Seraphine: A name that’s simply angelic

As you consider potential names for your little one, Seraphine might catch your eye and ear. This elegant and somewhat ethereal name has roots that reach into the realm of angels, making it a truly unique option.

The name Seraphine is derived from “seraphim,” which refers to an order of angels in various religious texts. The word “seraphim” itself comes from Hebrew, and translates to “burning ones,” signifying their purity and brightness.

How to pronounce Seraphine

Seraphine is generally pronounced as SEH-ruh-feen or SAIR-uh-feen, with emphasis on the first syllable. It rhymes with “marine.”

Popularity over time

While not extraordinarily common, Seraphine has experienced a gentle rise in popularity, especially in artistic or bohemian circles. The name doesn’t currently make the Social Security Administration’s top 100 or top 1000 lists, which could make it an attractive choice if you’re looking for something less common.

Notable figures and characters named Seraphine

Seraphine de Senlis, a French painter, brought early attention to the name. More recently, the name gained visibility through the League of Legends character Seraphine, who is a popular champion in the game.

Nicknames and variations

Serafine and Seraphina (or Serafina) are variations of the name Seraphine. While Seraphine is more common in French-speaking countries, Serafine offers a phonetic spelling. Seraphina and Serafina add an “a” at the end, making them more melodic and feminine.

All these names share the same ethereal and angelic connotations, owing to their root word “seraph,” which refers to a type of celestial being in various religious traditions.

Seraphine offers various nickname possibilities including Sera (pronounced like Sara), Serif, Phin, and Phine. Seraphine is predominantly used as a feminine name. The masculine variation would be Seraphim, which also ties back to the original angelic order.

Similar names to consider

If you’re intrigued by Seraphine, you might also like other angelic or ethereal names like Angelina, Celestine, or Evangeline. Names that offer a similar melodious quality include Josephine, Delphine, and Serenity.

Incorporating the Latin and Hebrew influence

Both the Latin “seraphinus” and the Hebrew “seraphim” contribute to the name Seraphine, enriching its historical and cultural layers.

By choosing Seraphine, you’re opting for a name that is as melodious as it is meaningful, offering a blend of celestial and artistic resonance.



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