Top 100 American baby names for girls

Top 100 American baby names for girls

When looking at the most common baby names for girls in 2017, it’s easy to see what’s hot with names for little girls: It’s all about that letter A.

Seven of the top 100 most popular American baby names for girls in 2018 ended with the letter A — and more than two dozen more names with a final A sound follow on the list. In total, 19 of the top 100 names start with the letter A.

Baby names that are also common words — including Autumn, Aria, Aurora, Nova, Piper, Paisley, Ruby, Lily, Violet, Grace, Harper and Brooklyn — were also big players in 2017. (There was also one everyday word spelled backward: Nevaeh, which reverses to Heaven.)

Take a look at the top 100 American baby names for girls below — and you can sort the names by name, rank or by length!

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This baby name list is based on the US Social Security applications during the year 2017

Top 100 American baby names for girls

RankNameNumber of letters
1Emma4 letters
2Olivia6 letters
3Ava3 letters
4Isabella8 letters
5Sophia6 letters
6Mia3 letters
7Charlotte9 letters
8Amelia6 letters
9Evelyn6 letters
10Abigail7 letters
11Harper6 letters
12Emily5 letters
13Elizabeth9 letters
14Avery5 letters
15Sofia5 letters
16Ella4 letters
17Madison7 letters
18Scarlett8 letters
19Victoria8 letters
20Aria4 letters
21Grace5 letters
22Chloe5 letters
23Camila6 letters
24Penelope8 letters
25Riley5 letters
26Layla5 letters
27Lillian7 letters
28Nora4 letters
29Zoey4 letters
30Mila4 letters
31Aubrey6 letters
32Hannah6 letters
33Lily4 letters
34Addison7 letters
35Eleanor7 letters
36Natalie7 letters
37Luna4 letters
38Savannah8 letters
39Brooklyn8 letters
40Leah4 letters
41Zoe3 letters
42Stella6 letters
43Hazel5 letters
44Ellie5 letters
45Paisley7 letters
46Audrey6 letters
47Skylar6 letters
48Violet6 letters
49Claire6 letters
50Bella5 letters
51Aurora6 letters
52Lucy4 letters
53Anna4 letters
54Samantha8 letters
55Caroline8 letters
56Genesis7 letters
57Aaliyah7 letters
58Kennedy7 letters
59Kinsley7 letters
60Allison7 letters
61Maya4 letters
62Sarah5 letters
63Madelyn7 letters
64Adeline7 letters
65Alexa5 letters
66Ariana6 letters
67Elena5 letters
68Gabriella9 letters
69Naomi5 letters
70Alice5 letters
71Sadie5 letters
72Hailey6 letters
73Eva3 letters
74Emilia6 letters
75Autumn6 letters
76Quinn5 letters
77Nevaeh6 letters
78Piper5 letters
79Ruby4 letters
80Serenity8 letters
81Willow6 letters
82Everly6 letters
83Cora4 letters
84Kaylee6 letters
85Lydia5 letters
86Aubree6 letters
87Arianna7 letters
88Eliana6 letters
89Peyton6 letters
90Melanie7 letters
91Gianna6 letters
92Isabelle8 letters
93Julia5 letters
94Valentina9 letters
95Nova4 letters
96Clara5 letters
97Vivian6 letters
98Reagan6 letters
99Mackenzie9 letters
100Madeline8 letters
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