Like the name Shane? Find out the meaning of the Irish boy baby name Shane, plus find out this name's origin, get reviews and more!

Gender: Boy
Category: Irish
Length: 5 letters (average)
  • Is an Anglicized version of the Irish name Se├ín (Ulster dialect)
  • An Irish derivative of the name John
  • Means “Gift from God” or “God is gracious”
  • Also used as a last name, and with Mc, Mac and O’ prefixes
  • Known for the 1949 novel “Shane” by Jack Schaefer
  • Known for Canadian professional hockey player Shane Doan (born 1976)
  • Known for Shane Lynch, Irish singer from Boyzone (born 1971)
  • Known for Shane MacGowan, Irish singer/songwriter from the Pogues (born 1957)

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