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About the baby name Quinn, at Click Baby Names.com
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  • Means intelligent or wise
  • Could have originally referred to being the fifth-born child, From Latin quintus, meaning fifth, like Quinton
  • A common last name
  • As a first name, Quinn is used for both boys and girls
  • Also spelled Cuinn or Quin

History of the name Quinn

Quinn is from O’Quinn, an Anglicized form of the Irish O’Cuinn, meaning “the son of Conn.” As a common noun, conn means “wisdom, counsel,” hence the name Conn means “the wise one.”

It might also come from con, genitive of cu, meaning a hound, figuratively applied to a warrior.

“Conn of the Hundred Battles” was one of Ireland’s greatest legendary heroes, who gave his name both to the Province of Connaught, and to hundreds of Irish boys in succeeding generations.

The name was current also among the Celts in Gaul, as attested by coins bearing the name Conno or Konno found in various parts of France.

Related names include Quin, Queen, MacQueen, MacQuinn, O’Quinn, O’Quin, O’Cuinn, O’Coyne, Quincy, Quiney, Quinney, Coyne, Coin and Coen. The name Quince is a patronymic, meaning son of Quinn (“Quinn’s”).



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