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If you like the name Quinn, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

A quick guide to the baby name Quinn

Quinn is a name that’s not only captivating the hearts of parents, but is also making its mark as a unisex name. This strong, one-syllable name is versatile, fitting perfectly for both boys and girls. Pronouncing Quinn is straightforward, rhyming with “fin,” although people occasionally mispronounce it as “Queen.”

Origin and meaning

The name Quinn has Irish roots, specifically stemming from the surname Ó Cuinn, which means “descendant of Conn.” The name Conn itself connotes “chief” or “intelligence.” So, when you choose the name Quinn, you’re opting for a name with undertones of leadership and wisdom.

It’s worth mentioning that Quinn could have originally referred to being the fifth-born child. This is linked to the Latin word “quintus,” meaning fifth, similar to the name Quinton. However, the more commonly accepted meaning is rooted in its Irish origin.

The Irish name Cuinn is an older spelling and is pronounced the same way as Quinn. In Ireland, it’s a common surname, giving the name a broad cultural presence.

Unisex origins

Quinn is an example of a truly unisex name, gaining traction for both boys and girls. It has the unique feature of being balanced in its appeal, not leaning too heavily towards either gender. This makes it a perfect choice if you’re looking for a name that can suit any child.

Popularity over time

According to the 2022 Social Security Administration data, Quinn has been experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly among girls.

For girls, the name was most popular in 2022, ranking at #73, up from #80 in 2021 and #84 in 2020. For boys, the name reached its peak in 2009 but is still fairly popular, ranking at #443 in 2022, compared to #406 in 2021 and #437 in 2020.

Variations and nicknames


Quinn is already quite short, but if you’re in search of a nickname, “Q” could be a option. For a cute name that the family might use, there’s Quinny.

You may also encounter different spellings like “Quin” or “Quinne.” The Irish spelling “Cuinn” is another variation. In terms of similar names, you might consider Quincy/Quincey, Quinley, Quentin, or Quinton as options that echo the sound and style of Quinn.

Quinn in popular culture

Celebrities with the name

  • Quinn Cummings, an American actress and author
  • Quinn Cook, a professional basketball player in the NBA

Characters in movies and TV

  • Quinn Fabray in “Glee”
  • Quinn Cannon in “The Bold and the Beautiful”
  • Quinn Mallory in the TV show “Sliders”
  • Quinn Morgendorffer in “Daria”

Literary appearances

Choosing Quinn for your baby

Quinn is a name that combines modernity with timelessness. Its one-syllable sound makes it punchy and memorable, while its versatility makes it suitable for both boys and girls. The name also carries a sense of cultural richness, particularly with its Irish origins.

With its rising popularity, especially among girls, Quinn might just be the distinctive yet familiar name you’re looking for. Whether you’re attracted to its unisex appeal, its Irish heritage, or its undertones of wisdom and leadership, Quinn offers a blend of qualities that many find irresistible.


More history of the name Quinn

Quinn is from O’Quinn, an Anglicized form of the Irish O’Cuinn, meaning “the son of Conn.” As a common noun, conn means “wisdom, counsel,” hence the name Conn means “the wise one.”

It might also come from con, genitive of cu, meaning a hound, figuratively applied to a warrior.

“Conn of the Hundred Battles” was one of Ireland’s greatest legendary heroes, who gave his name both to the Province of Connaught, and to hundreds of Irish boys in succeeding generations.

The name was current also among the Celts in Gaul, as attested by coins bearing the name Conno or Konno found in various parts of France.

Related names include Quin, Queen, MacQueen, MacQuinn, O’Quinn, O’Quin, O’Cuinn, O’Coyne, Quincy, Quiney, Quinney, Coyne, Coin and Coen. The name Quince is a patronymic, meaning son of Quinn (“Quinn’s”).



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