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If you like the name Mateo, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Marvelous Mateo: A magnetic name for your munchkin

If you’re looking for a name that’s vibrant, universally appealing, and rich in cultural flair, Mateo could be a fantastic choice for your little one. It’s a name that promises zest and vivacity, making it a great match for a child full of life and spirit.

Cultural richness

The name Mateo is most commonly found in Spanish-speaking countries, given that it’s the Spanish variant of the name Matthew. It enjoys considerable popularity in countries like Spain, Mexico, and various nations in Central and South America.

In recent years, Mateo has also gained traction in the United States, particularly among Hispanic and Latino communities. According to the US Social Security Administration, Mateo has been steadily climbing the popularity charts, making it not just a culturally rich name, but also a trendy one in diverse settings.

Where you might have heard this name

Whether it’s Mateo Messi, the son of soccer superstar Lionel Messi, or Mateo Solano Villanueva from the TV show “Jane the Virgin,” this name offers charm and charisma.

The city of San Mateo in Northern California is located just south of San Francisco — a little north of San Jose and the Silicon Valley. The name San Mateo means Saint Matthew, or Saint Matthias.

How to pronounce Mateo

Mateo is generally pronounced as “mah-TEH-o,” and it rhymes with “Alejo,” another beautiful Spanish name. The pronunciation is pretty straightforward, making it easily recognizable.

The name Mateo is actually of Hebrew origin, and is derived from the name Matthew. It means “gift of God.” This meaning adds a layer of significance to the name, making it not just beautiful to hear but also rich in spiritual or religious significance for many families.

Variations and nicknames

Feminine version

The feminine version of Mateo is Matea. While not as commonly used, it holds the same captivating allure as its masculine counterpart.

International versions

In Italian, Mateo transforms into Matteo, pronounced “mah-TAY-o.” If you’re of Croatian or Serbian descent, you might consider Matija as an alternative.

Nicknames to consider

Mateo offers some cute and endearing nicknames. “Teo” (pronounced “TAY-o”) is a simple and modern choice. You might also consider “Matt” as a familiar and easy-going option. For something more playful, “Matty” could work too.

Time to decide?

Mateo is a name that exudes positivity, cultural richness, and a dash of modernity — a choice that feels both timeless and of-the-moment. If Mateo is striking the right chord with you, it could very well be the name destined for your bundle of joy.



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