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If you like the name Layla, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Lustrous Layla: from deserts to modern day

Layla is a variation of “Leila”, and originates from the Hebrew and Arabic words for ‘night’. It is often associated with beauty and softness, and resonates with various cultures.

The name has gained popularity in numerous regions over time, with stories and songs elevating its status. Over the centuries, as trade routes opened and cultures intermingled, the name Layla — and its variations — spread, finding homes in Persia, Spain, and even England.

Its resurgence in modern times, largely due to pop culture, is indicative of a larger trend. Names with historical depth and cultural significance often find their way back into popular consciousness.

Throughout history, Layla’s popularity has seen ups and downs. While it’s not consistently featured in the Social Security top 100, it has made appearances in the top 1000 several times.

Modern trends, often influenced by pop culture, have given the name a resurgence in recent years.

Layla in pop culture

Layla has been immortalized in various forms of media, further cementing its place in popular culture.

  1. Music: Eric Clapton’s famous song “Layla” brought significant attention to the name in the Western world.
  2. Books: The classic Arabian love story of “Layla and Majnun” depicts the tale of two lovers and the tragic circumstances that kept them apart.
  3. Celebrities: Layla has been a popular name choice among celebrities. Layla Alizada, for instance, is a notable actress who has graced both film and television.

Nicknames, variations, and adaptations

Layla, like many names, has several variations and nicknames. Some of these include:

  • Nicknames: Lai, Lay, and La.
  • Variations: Leila, Leilah, Laila, and Leyla.
  • Masculine or feminine versions: While Layla is primarily feminine, the name Layl can be a masculine counterpart in some cultures.
  • Foreign versions: In Persian, “Leila” is a common variation. In Spanish and Italian, the name often appears as “Laila.”


Layla is a two-syllable name, pronounced as LAY-luh.

While it’s straightforward to pronounce for most, it’s worth noting that some might mistake it with ‘Leila’ (LEE-luh).

Choosing Layla

Selecting Layla connects your child to a deep-rooted legacy. It’s the kind of name that feels familiar, even if you’re hearing it for the first time.

By naming your child Layla, you’re giving them a touchstone to history, but also something that feels right at home today. It’s like blending an old family recipe with a modern twist, making it a compelling choice for any parent.


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