Winter-inspired baby names

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by Tanya Glover

Chill names for your new addition

Winter: It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Whether your little one is due in the winter months or you just love the season, you may want to consider giving your baby a wintery cold name.

There are so many to choose from and many are “chill,” as my own kids like to say. So, let us explore some “chill” baby names that represent the coldest and snowiest time of the year!

Chilly girl names

When you think winter, the first thing that may come to mind is Christmas. This is a unique name for your little girl — and if it is your favorite holiday, then all the better. If you simply love the winter season, a really beautiful name for your baby is Winter; plain, simple and to the point.

The most popular winter plant is holly. Holly is a beautiful red-berried plant that would be perfect for your beautiful red-cheeked little girl.

Other wintery girls names can be directly linked to the month in which they are born, such as December, January and February. (And, speaking of February, Valentine is also a fun name to use!)

If you are a floral person, there are lots of names for your winter baby. These include Chrysanthemum, Winterrose and Ivy — also spelled Ivye.

Other adorable winter-inspired names for your daughter include Crystal, Snow (or Snowflake), Sparkle, Coco and Icelyn — also spelled Icelynn.

Then, after all that talk of the coldness of the season, you may want to consider Fire. Who doesn’t love a toasty warm fire after playing in the snow?

Chilly boy names

While Christmas is a great name for your little girl, it may not be so fitting for your son. But, if you really want your son to have the name that is directly connected to the winter season, you could go with Christian. This can also be a unisex name as well.

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As I mentioned above, chill is the new word for cool among the young crowd, and it just so happens that Chill is also a pretty popular boys name as well. This is a very unique name and according to research done only this year, the name Chill did not even hit the top 1000 baby names in the United States. Outside of the US, however, Chill was much more popular, but did not make the top 100 names for baby boys… so naming your child Chill would put you ahead of the “coolness” curve.

Other popular winter names include Branch, Frost, Crispin and Colden. If you want to get really unique — and a bit wild — Winterhawk is a “chill” name for your little tough guy.

Embrace the season

No matter which name you choose, you cannot go wrong if you go with your heart. Naming your child is an important decision, and if you give them a name that is associated with something you love, in this case the winter season, then you cannot go wrong.