Names for your Halloween baby

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by Tanya Glover

Trick or treat?

Inspiration for baby names comes from many different places. So — especially if you’re expecting an October baby — why not consider some baby names that were inspired by Halloween?


Magical inspirations

If you are looking for a witchy name for you little girl, there are hundreds from which to choose. Going back in the past, you will find the name Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft. Another great magical name comes from Greek mythology as well — Circe, from Odysseus, who was a doomed temptress.

Fast forward a couple millennia, and you can look to the old TV show, Bewitched. There you have Samantha, Tabitha, Esmeralda, and Serena.

BewitchedIf a more modern name is what you are looking for, you can go with Sabrina (as in The Teenage Witch), Prudence, Piper or Phoebe (Charmed) or even Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even though Buffy was not a witch, she is a great character who is associated with Halloween themes.

Black cat names

If the witch’s cat is what you love, then there are some fantastic names to choose from that will fit boys and girls. A small list includes Neko (“cat” in Japanese), Tom, Tabby, Sylvester, Jerry, or just plain old Cat (or even Kat, if you really want to be different). For a different sort of name that is cat-connected, you can go with Gertrude after St Gertrude, the patron saint of cats.

Masters of spookology

Many wonderful authors have written about Halloween and all sorts of otherscary topics. One of the greatest baby names to bestow upon your child if you are a book lover is Edgar Allen, after the famous Poe.

If you love Poe and need girls’ name,s you can use Raven or Lenore. For lovers of Bram Stoker, the name Bram itself is unique and beautiful.

One of our most prolific and popular modern horror writers is Stephen King. Stephen is a fantastic name, but you have a ton of baby names to choose from in his books. These include Carrie, Christine, Peter, Tom, Gordon or even Misery (though we do not advise this last one for obvious reasons).

Halloween films

Some of the scariest Halloween movies are the inspiration for the best baby names. For a highly unique name for your baby girl, bequeath her with Samara. This name became highly popular after The Ring came out. Regan is a creative name, too, and comes from The Exorcist.

Damien is an interesting choice for a boy, as is Michael (Halloween), Freddy (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Jason (Friday the 13th). Jason’s last name is Voorhees, and this too, can be used as a first name.

There are hundreds of other Halloween inspired baby names to choose from, so if you didn’t find what you are looking for here, then keep on searching. It is a guarantee that you will find a great name to fit into your new family.