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If you like the name Clara, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

The charm of the baby name Clara: Classic yet contemporary

When you think about names that have stood the test of time yet still feel modern, Clara often comes to mind. This name embodies elegance and simplicity, and if you’re considering it for your little one, you’re in great company! Here’s everything you need to know about Clara, from its historical roots to its current popularity.

The history and origin of Clara

Clara originates from the Latin word “clarus,” meaning “clear, bright, or famous.” It became a popular name in many European countries and was notably embraced in Spain and Italy as “Clara,” and in France as “Claire.”

Pronunciation and basic details

The traditional pronunciation of Clara is “KLAR-uh” and it’s a two-syllable name, with the emphasis on the first syllable: KLAR, rhyming with “far.”

However, some people prefer the pronunciation “Clare-uh,” which adds another layer of flexibility to this classic name. This alternative pronunciation emphasizes the first syllable as “Clare,” rhyming with “bear,” followed by “uh.” This allows parents and individuals named Clara to choose the pronunciation that they feel best suits them or their child.

Popularity trends

Clara has experienced varying degrees of popularity over the years. Based on Social Security data, the name Clara experienced its initial peak in popularity in the early 20th century, ranking as high as number 18 on the list in 1901.

After the 1930s, the number of newborns given this baby name started on a slow but steady decline through the decades, hitting its lowest point in the 1990s when it fell to the 400s.

But proving that all that’s old becomes new again, starting in the early 2000s, the name began to regain some traction. By 2010, it had climbed back into the top 200, and by 2013, it had broken into the top 150. The name continued to rise, breaking into the top 100 in 2015, hovering around there since. As of 2022, it ranked at number 110 on the charts.

This birth certificate data reveals a clear pattern of initial popularity, followed by a decline, and then a resurgence in the 21st century among parents looking for timeless yet trendy names.

Pop culture: Famous faces and characters named Clara

Here’s a list of some well-known figures and characters named Clara:

  • Clara Barton (Nurse and Red Cross founder, born 1821): Renowned for her humanitarian work, particularly as a nurse during the Civil War, and as the founder of the American Red Cross.
  • Clara Bow (Actress, born 1905): Known as the “It” girl of the Roaring Twenties, she was a leading Hollywood star during the silent film era. (See a photo of her below.)
  • Clara in “The Nutcracker” ballet: A key character in this iconic ballet, Clara is a young girl who receives a magical nutcracker as a Christmas gift, and embarks on a fantastical adventure.
  • Clara Oswald in “Doctor Who” (TV show character): A companion to the Doctor in the long-running British science fiction series, she is known for her intelligence, bravery, and complexity, played by actress Jenna Coleman.
  • Clara Schumann (Composer and pianist, born 1819): A prominent 19th-century composer and one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era.
  • Clara Zetkin (Activist and politician, born 1857): A German Marxist theorist, she was a strong advocate for women’s rights, and is credited with the idea of International Women’s Day.
  • Clara Hughes (Cyclist and speed skater, born 1972): A Canadian athlete who has won multiple Olympic medals in both summer and winter games, making her the only person to have won multiple medals in both settings.
  • Clara Wieck (Pianist and composer, born 1819): Also known as Clara Schumann after marriage, she was one of the most acclaimed pianists of the Romantic era and composed numerous piano works.

These additional individuals contribute to the wealth of noteworthy people named Clara, each making their mark in different fields such as music, activism, and sports.

Silent movie actress Clara Bow with a dog - Star from the 1920s and 1930s
Silent movie actress Clara Bow (See more or her in 120+ gorgeous, glamorous actresses of the 1920s )

Nicknames, variations, and adaptations

While Clara is already quite short and sweet, you might consider nicknames like “Clare,” “Clari” or even “Lara.”

What are other ways to spell or pronounce this name? Some variants include “Klara” and “Claire,” although Claire is more commonly seen as a separate name rather than a variant.

In other languages, Clara is spelled as Klára in Czech, Cláir in Irish, and Klara in Swedish and German.

Is Clara a good baby name for your family?

When choosing Clara, you might appreciate its timeless appeal and straightforward pronunciation. It’s a name that pairs well with various middle names and surnames, offering you a lot of flexibility.

If you’re seeking a name that is both classic and fits well into contemporary settings, Clara might be the perfect option. You can pair it with a middle name that has similar classical roots, or go for something more modern to create a balanced name for your child.

From its Latin roots to its present-day appeal, Clara is a name that offers a mix of classic charm and modern versatility. Whether you’re drawn to its clear and bright meaning or its appearances in culture and history, Clara provides a wealth of options for any discerning parent.



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