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Name meaning, variations & etymology

Chiku is a name that carries with it a vibrancy and liveliness, often associated with the Swahili language where it means “chatterer.”

This name suggests a spirited and expressive nature, and could be a lovely nod to a child’s lively personality or the joy and vivacity of their presence.

In various African cultures where names are imbued with meaning and intention, Chiku stands out for its evocation of conversation and community. 

Choosing the name Chiku may also reflect a connection to or appreciation for African cultures and languages, and it could be an excellent way to honor such heritage. It’s a name that’s both euphonious and meaningful, offering a unique blend of cultural richness and personal expression.

While not common globally, Chiku’s uniqueness outside of Africa can make it a stand-out choice, offering a story and a conversation starter about its origins and the cultural significance it carries.



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