Top 100 baby names in Slovenia for girls

Top 100 baby names in Slovenia for girls

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Slovenia, a beautiful small country in southern Central Europe, has been inhabited by humans for about 250,000 years — an impressive timeline when you consider that the United States is said to have been home to humanity for only about 15,000 years.

Its two million modern-day citizens live in an area that includes both Alpine mountains and beaches, and is bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and the Adriatic Sea (just north of the Mediterranean).

As part of the former Yugoslavia, their language is called either Slovene or Slovenian. Other Slavic languages include Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Polish, and you will see this rich heritage clearly apparent in this list of the most popular baby names for girls born in Slovenia!

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100 most popular baby names in Slovenia for girls

You can sort this baby name list by popularity rank, in alphabetical order, or by the number of letters in the name -- or also choose to view some or all of the records. (Search for all or part of a baby name using the search area on the upper right of the table.)

RankNameNumber of letters
1Zala4 letters
2Eva3 letters
3Ema3 letters
4Lara4 letters
5Sara4 letters
6Maša4 letters
7Mia3 letters
8Ana3 letters
9Neža4 letters
10Zoja4 letters
11Lana4 letters
12Hana4 letters
13Julija6 letters
14Nika4 letters
15Ajda4 letters
16Ela3 letters
17Vita4 letters
18Mila4 letters
19Brina5 letters
20Klara5 letters
21Sofija6 letters
22Kaja4 letters
23Sofia5 letters
24Lia3 letters
25Lina4 letters
26Ula3 letters
27Alina5 letters
28Zarja5 letters
29Iza3 letters
30Tinkara7 letters
31Zara4 letters
32Manca5 letters
33Tara4 letters
34Nina4 letters
35Inja4 letters
36Taja4 letters
37Tia3 letters
38Iva3 letters
39Mija4 letters
40Neja4 letters
41Živa4 letters
42Lucija6 letters
43Žana4 letters
44Lili4 letters
45Maja4 letters
46Gaja4 letters
47Lea3 letters
48Viktorija9 letters
49Alja4 letters
50Evelin6 letters
51Laura5 letters
52Izabela7 letters
53Katarina8 letters
54Maruša6 letters
55Špela5 letters
56Lejla5 letters
57Eli3 letters
58Naja4 letters
59Pia3 letters
60Elena5 letters
61Pika4 letters
62Anja4 letters
63Luna4 letters
64Nuša4 letters
65Neli4 letters
66Tina4 letters
67Larisa6 letters
68Tjaša5 letters
69Teja4 letters
70Daša4 letters
71Valentina9 letters
72Anika5 letters
73Karolina8 letters
74Kim3 letters
75Kiara5 letters
76Ota3 letters
77Stella6 letters
78Iris4 letters
79Meta4 letters
80Ava3 letters
81Gloria6 letters
82Ivana5 letters
83Lena4 letters
84Nia3 letters
85Sia3 letters
86Stela5 letters
87Tija4 letters
88Ella4 letters
89Emma4 letters
90Ina3 letters
91Nikolina8 letters
92Asja4 letters
93Aurora6 letters
94Liza4 letters
95Karin5 letters
96Veronika8 letters
97Loti4 letters
98Olivija7 letters
99Rebeka6 letters
100Julijan7 letters

Popular Slovenian baby names for children born in 2017 provided courtesy of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia