Top 100 baby names in Slovenia for boys

Top 100 baby names in Slovenia for boys

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Slovenia is a mountainous, heavily-forested country in Central Europe, where its two million residents live in a beautiful area bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and the Adriatic Sea.

The area has a long and rich history, and over the millennia, the area has been part of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Republic of Venice, the Austrian Empire and Austria-Hungary. In 1918, Slovenia — together with Serbia and Croatia — formed a new multinational state, which was later named Yugoslavia, however, the country became independent in 1991.

Their language is called Slovenian or Slovene, and is one of the Slavic languages. Other languages with this same root include Russian, Polish and Czech — and you will see this heritage strongly reflected in the most popular baby names for boys born in Slovenia!

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100 most popular baby names in Slovenia for boys

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RankNameNumber of letters
1Luka4 letters
2Jakob5 letters
3Mark4 letters
4Filip5 letters
5Nik3 letters
6Tim3 letters
7Jaka4 letters
8Žan3 letters
9Jan3 letters
10Lovro5 letters
11Oskar5 letters
12Vid3 letters
13David5 letters
14Gal3 letters
15Liam4 letters
16Žiga4 letters
17Maks4 letters
18Anže4 letters
19Nejc4 letters
20Lan3 letters
21Miha4 letters
22Maj3 letters
23Anej4 letters
24Matija6 letters
25Izak4 letters
26Leon4 letters
27Patrik6 letters
28Aleks5 letters
29Val3 letters
30Matic5 letters
31Erik4 letters
32Tian4 letters
33Aljaž5 letters
34Lukas5 letters
35Marcel6 letters
36Rene4 letters
37Bor3 letters
38Martin6 letters
39Aleksej7 letters
40Tilen5 letters
41Urban5 letters
42Svit4 letters
43Rok3 letters
44Adam4 letters
45Matevž6 letters
46Gašper6 letters
47Bine4 letters
48Tine4 letters
49Nace4 letters
50Jure4 letters
51Teo3 letters
52Domen5 letters
53Enej4 letters
54Jaša4 letters
55Lenart6 letters
56Marko5 letters
57Taj3 letters
58Timotej7 letters
59Aleksander10 letters
60Andraž6 letters
61Ian3 letters
62Leo3 letters
63Matej5 letters
64Oliver6 letters
65Tristan7 letters
66Benjamin8 letters
67Ožbej5 letters
68Ažbe4 letters
69Erazem6 letters
70Vito4 letters
71Žak3 letters
72Alen4 letters
73Gabriel7 letters
74Noel4 letters
75Alex4 letters
76Blaž4 letters
77Gaber5 letters
78Jurij5 letters
79Kevin5 letters
80Lian4 letters
81Viktor6 letters
82Brin4 letters
83Jon3 letters
84Niko4 letters
85Tadej5 letters
86Andrej6 letters
87Jošt4 letters
88Peter5 letters
89Sven4 letters
90Tai3 letters
91Teodor6 letters
92Kristjan8 letters
93Nikola6 letters
94Dominik7 letters
95Kris4 letters
96Mateo5 letters
97Daris5 letters
98Urh3 letters
99Max3 letters
100Julijan7 letters

Popular Slovenian baby names for children born in 2017 provided courtesy of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia