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Name meaning, variations & etymology

Ruta is a name that carries a quiet, understated elegance. Its roots are diverse, with ties to multiple cultures and languages. In Lithuanian, Ruta means “rue,” a historically significant herb that symbolizes regret and repentance, often found in folklore and ancient remedies.

The name also bears significance in Hebrew, where it is associated with the biblical figure Ruth, which means “companion” or “friend.” In this context, Ruta represents loyalty and friendship, virtues that have timeless appeal.

This name’s simplicity is part of its charm, offering a crisp, clear sound that is both easy to say and spell. It’s a name that fits seamlessly into many languages, making it a versatile choice for parents from various cultural backgrounds.

Ruta does not rank high in the popularity charts, which can be appealing for those seeking a unique name for their child. Its rarity ensures that a little girl named Ruta is likely to be the only one in her class, yet the name’s historical presence and cross-cultural recognizability prevent it from feeling out of place or overly exotic.

The feminine given name Ruta might be particularly appealing to those with a love for nature, drawn to its botanical connotations. It’s a name that suggests a connection to the earth and traditional values, yet it carries with it a sense of sophistication and international flair. Ruta is a name that offers a wealth of subtle charms.



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