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If you like the name Virginia, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Virginia: A name echoed in song and state

Virginia, a name of Latin origin meaning “virginal,” “maiden” or “pure,” has not only graced countless individuals, but has also been immortalized in songs, states, and stories.

Its elegance and deep-rooted history make it a timeless choice for parents. Beyond its etymology, Virginia has left an indelible mark in pop culture, from classic rock to modern melodies and even a beloved holiday story.

The history and origin of Virginia

Tracing its roots back to the Latin word “virgo,” meaning “maiden,” Virginia stands as a testament to purity and elegance.

This classic name is also linked to the American state of Virginia, christened in honor of England’s Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, who reigned from November 17, 1558, to March 24, 1603. Not to be forgotten, its western counterpart, West Virginia, also carries forward the name’s legacy.

Pronunciation and basic details

Virginia is pronounced vur-JIN-yuh, with three syllables emphasizing the second syllable.

Pop culture: Famous faces and mentions of Virginia

One of the most heartwarming mentions of Virginia in popular culture is the phrase “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” This line is from an editorial in The New York Sun, penned in response to a letter from eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon in 1897, questioning the existence of Santa Claus.

  • Virginia Woolf: Celebrated English writer renowned for “Mrs. Dalloway” and “To the Lighthouse.”
  • Virginia Madsen: American actress acclaimed for roles in “Sideways” and “Candyman.”

Virginia in song and story

From rock anthems to poignant ballads, Virginia has inspired musicians across genres and through the decades. Here are some highlights, in reverse chronological order

  • “Virginia” by Tori Amos (2002)
  • “Virginia Moon” by Foo Fighters ft Norah Jones (2005)
  • “Meet Virginia” by Train (1998)
  • “Oh Virginia” by Blessid Union of Souls (1995)
  • “Virginia” by Gin Blossoms (1996)
  • “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” by Bill Amesbury (1974)
  • “Virginia Avenue” by Tom Waits (1973)
  • “Sweet Virginia” by The Rolling Stones (1972)
  • “Virginia Plain” by Roxy Music (1972)
  • “East Virginia” by Joan Baez (1960)

Note: The years provided are based on the release dates of the albums containing these tracks or the single’s release date.

About Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare was the first English child born in the Americas, specifically in the Roanoke Colony in present-day North Carolina in 1587. She was the granddaughter of the colony’s governor, John White. However, when White returned from a supply trip to England in 1590, the colony was deserted, and Virginia, along with the other settlers, was never found. 

Also, the Virginia Dare Winery, located in Sonoma County, California, is named after the historical figure Virginia Dare. A New York company offered the popular Virginia Dare pink after-dinner wine back in the 1950s.

Nicknames, variations, and adaptions

  • Common nicknames for Virginia: Ginny, Gin, Ginna, Ginger, Virgie, Vivi
  • Variations: Virginie (French), Verginia
  • Masculine variations: Virginio (Italian)

While the name “Virgil” is a masculine name, but it is not a masculine version of “Virginia.” Both names have Latin roots, but their origins and meanings are distinct. “Virgil” is derived from the Latin name “Vergilius,” which possibly means “staff bearer.” It’s famously associated with the ancient Roman poet Virgil, also known as Vergil, who wrote the “Aeneid.”

While the two names might sound similar, they have different origins, and are not male-female counterparts of each other.

Is Virginia a good baby name for your family?

Virginia, with its history and cultural depth, remains an evergreen choice for parents. If you value tradition, sophistication, and a name echoing in songs and stories, Virginia could be your pick.

Choosing a name is a journey through time, culture, and personal meaning. Virginia, with its vast legacy, offers both historical richness and contemporary resonance. As you continue your naming adventure, may the echoes of Virginia inspire you.



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