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If you like the name Adelaide, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Adelaide: A royal name for your little princess

Adelaide is a name that often evokes images of grace and royalty. This elegant moniker has a rich history, and is making a strong comeback in the baby name charts. Scroll down to discover the origins, variations, and cultural impact of the name Adelaide.

Pronunciation and basic details

Adelaide is often pronounced AY-duh-layd — three syllables, with the emphasis on the first, and rhymes with words like “aid,” “made,” and “parade.”

However, this name’s pronunciation can vary by region and personal preference. ADD-a-layd is another way it’s commonly said. This version puts the emphasis on the first syllable as well, but it aligns more closely with the way the city in Australia is typically pronounced.

The history and origin of Adelaide

Adelaide has a long-standing history, originating from the Germanic elements “adal,” meaning “noble,” and “heid,” meaning “kind” or “sort.” It gained prominence in Europe, particularly France and England, before crossing the Atlantic to the United States.

The name Adelaide also holds geographic significance as the capital city of South Australia. Named in honor of Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV of the United Kingdom, the city was founded in 1836. This adds another layer of nobility and historical depth to the name, making it a versatile choice not just as a name for your baby, but also as a name with global resonance.

Adelaide and the baby name Adele both share the Old Germanic root “adal.” In fact, Adelaide can be considered an extended form of Adele, adding the element “heid,” which means “kind” or “sort.” So, in essence, both names have a common origin and convey a sense of nobility and grace.

Adele predates Adelaide and can be seen as the simpler form of the two, but both names have evolved to stand independently while retaining their noble lineage.

Origin, language, and culture

Adelaide is of Old German origin, but gained prominence in English-speaking countries. It became well-known among royalty and was often given to noble families, particularly in Europe. Over time, it became a classic choice for girls and has experienced periods of renewed popularity.

Popularity trends

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Adelaide is not currently in the top 100 names, but has been climbing in the top 1000. It has seen a resurgence in recent years, which suggests that it may continue to rise in the coming years.

Pop culture: Famous faces and characters named Adelaide

Among contemporary figures, Australian actress Adelaide Kane is a well-known bearer of the name.

Adelaide in entertainment and beyond

Adelaide makes an appearance in various works of fiction. For instance, it’s the name of a character in the musical “Guys and Dolls,” and it’s also featured in the children’s book series “Adelaide’s Secret World” by Elise Hurst.

Nicknames, variations, and adaptions

Common nicknames for Adelaide include Ada, Addie, Della, and Laidey.

Alternate spellings and modern variations can include Adelayde and Adalaide. In French, the name appears as Adélaïde, while in Italian, it’s Adelaida.

While Adelaide is predominantly a feminine name, the masculine form, Adelard, exists, but is much less common. (A name ending in -lard would likely be tough for a kid.)

Is Adelaide a good baby name for your family?

Adelaide has a classic, timeless quality that many find appealing. If you’re looking for a name that has both historical significance and modern appeal, Adelaide could be a great option for you.

It’s generally well-received, but keep in mind that it’s becoming more popular, so there may be other Adelaides in your child’s classes or social circles.

If you’re leaning towards Adelaide, consider pairing it with a middle name that complements its elegant tone. You might also think about sibling names that go well with Adelaide, perhaps those that share its classic or noble theme.



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