Classic baby names: Georgia


This article is reprinted from a series on names originally published in the year 1921, and appeared in the Fair Play in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, on November 05, 1921. For more stories from yesteryear, check out our site!

What’s in a name? Georgia

Facts about your name: Its history, meaning, whence it was derived, significance, your lucky day and lucky jewel.

by Mildred Marshall

Georgia has a deeply religious origin among the Marinite Christians who have a tradition that Georgos was a Christian sentinel at Damascus who connived at the escape of St Paul when he was let down in the basket, and was therefore put to death. The next Georgos was a Cappadocian saint and martyr in whose honor Emperor Constantine erected a church at Byzantium.

Throughout all early church history, Georgos appears as saint, martyr or hero until, finally, the famous St George of the Dragon legend became renowned in England.

Curiously enough, though George penetrated every country of the west, being adopted by England, France, Hungary and Germany, the feminine is quite a modernism.

It was not until comparatively recent years that Anne of Denmark was instrumental in having a godchild of hers christened Georgia Anna. She was the first English Georgia, though the name is said to have existed previously on the continent. It is possible that this same Georgia Anna coupled her two names for the sake of euphony, and is responsible for the Georgiana, which is now so popular in all English-speaking countries.

The French adopted Georgia, but quickly changed her to Georgine and Georgette. Germany liked Georgine and took her over, making her one of her most popular feminine names. England has a form, Georgina, and Portugal is responsible for Georgetta. In America alone does the original Georgia seem to flourish.

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Georgia’s talismanic gem is the bloodstone, which has strong therapeutic powers and not only preserves its wearer from danger and disease, but it is said to be a curative in hemorrhages and other disturbances of the blood. Tuesday is her lucky day and 4 her lucky number. The violet, signifying modesty, is her flower.

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