From Athena to Zeus: 30+ Greek mythology names for your modern hero baby

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Divine inspirations: Greek mythology names

If you’re seeking a name for your baby that carries a rich history of stories, grandeur, and mythical aura, Greek mythology offers a treasure trove of choices.

The gods and goddesses of Greek myths come with not just remarkable names but compelling stories and significant symbolism. From gods of Mount Olympus to lesser-known deities, these names could give your child a timeless, ethereal quality.

Mount Olympus: Greek myth names 

The twelve Olympians reigned supreme in Greek mythology and were believed to reside on Mount Olympus. These god and goddess names carry the weight of divine roles and responsibilities.

Majesty and might: Greek god names that stand tall

Influential and commanding, Greek gods serve up a variety of impactful and memorable names. For example:

Heavenly leadership: Zeus, the sky god

The most renowned of all gods, Zeus governed over the sky and the other Olympians. His name symbolizes power, leadership, and authority. If you’re hoping your child will grow up to be a leader, Zeus might be the name to consider.

Intelligence and invention: Hermes, the god of business

Hermes was not just a messenger but also the god of commerce and invention. If you foresee a future CEO in your family, the name Hermes exudes intelligence and versatility.

Navigating darker realms: Hades, the god of the underworld

For parents looking for something mysterious and intense, Hades offers an… interesting choice. Known for ruling the underworld, this name comes with a sense of enigma. 

Master of the seas: Poseidon for a water-loving child

The god of seas and earthquakes, Poseidon could be the perfect name for a child destined to love water or explore oceanic adventures.

Warrior vibes: Ares, the god of war

Ares was a god with an intense nature, symbolizing war and conflict. While it’s a powerful name, be prepared for the strong personality that might come with it.

Wisdom and beauty: Greek goddess names that shine

Greek goddesses are just as impressive as their male counterparts, offering an array of beautiful and meaningful names, such as:

The wisdom of Athena

If you’re looking for a name that represents wisdom and intelligence, Athena is a stellar choice. She is the goddess of wisdom and was even born fully armored from Zeus’s forehead.

Aphrodite’s charm: The goddess of beauty and love

Aphrodite, known for her unparalleled beauty and grace, is also the goddess of love. Her name is perfect for a child who might have a loving and beautiful nature.

Hera: A guardian of marriage

As the wife of Zeus, Hera was a powerful goddess in her own right. She was known to protect the institution of marriage, making her name symbolize commitment and fidelity.

Uncommon Greek mythology names: Unique baby name choices

While the Olympian gods and goddesses take the spotlight, there are many other deities whose names are both unique and laden with history.

Muses and mothers: Calliope and Gaia

Calliope was the muse of epic poetry, making her name ideal for a future writer or poet. Gaia, the Earth goddess, symbolizes life, fertility, and motherhood, offering a deeply nurturing vibe.

Mystical realms: Persephone and Dionysus

Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, combines unique beauty with a sense of depth. Dionysus, often incorrectly referred to as a goddess, is actually the god of wine and festivities. While it’s a unique name, be mindful that it carries the context of hedonistic celebrations.

Time and air: Chronos and Aether

Chronos, the god of time, and Aether, the god of air and light, offer names that are both ethereal and evocative of natural elements.

Names best avoided: Consider the connotations

Some names like Uranus, though rooted in mythology, might not be the best choices given their contemporary connotations. It’s always advisable to weigh the modern-day implications along with the historical significance.

Greek mythology boy names

  1. Apollo (uh-POL-oh): God of music, arts, light, and medicine.
  2. Ares (AIR-eez): The god of war.
  3. Atlas (AT-luhs): Titan who holds up the sky.
  4. Cronus (KROH-nus): Father of Zeus; god of time.
  5. Dionysus (dy-uh-NY-sus): God of wine, theater, and revelry.
  6. Hades (HAY-deez): The god of the underworld.
  7. Helios (HEE-lee-os): God of the sun.
  8. Hermes (HUR-meez): The messenger god; also associated with trade and business.
  9. Orpheus (OR-fee-us): Musician and poet, tried to rescue his wife Eurydice from the underworld.
  10. Perseus (PUR-see-us): Hero known for killing Medusa.
  11. Poseidon (puh-SY-dun): The god of the sea and earthquakes.
  12. Prometheus (pro-MEE-thee-us): Titan who stole fire from the gods to give to humans.
  13. Theseus (THEE-see-oos): Hero known for defeating the Minotaur.
  14. Zeus (Zoos): The king of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky.

Greek mythology girl names

  1. Aphrodite (af-ro-DYE-tee): Goddess of love and beauty.
  2. Artemis (AR-tuh-miss): Goddess of the hunt and wilderness.
  3. Asteria (uh-STEER-ee-uh): A Titaness, associated with falling stars and nighttime divination.
  4. Athena (uh-THEE-nuh): Goddess of wisdom and warfare.
  5. Calliope (kuh-LYE-oh-pee): Muse of epic poetry.
  6. Danae (DAN-ay-ee): Mother of Perseus.
  7. Demeter (dih-MEE-ter): Goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  8. Gaia (GAY-uh): Earth goddess; mother of Titans.
  9. Hera (HEH-rah): Queen of the gods and wife of Zeus; goddess of marriage.
  10. Hestia (HES-tee-uh): Goddess of the hearth and home.
  11. Iris (EYE-ris): Goddess of the rainbow and a messenger for the gods.
  12. Persephone (pur-SEF-uh-nee): Queen of the underworld, wife of Hades.
  13. Phoebe (FEE-bee): A Titaness; associated with intellect.
  14. Rhea (REE-uh): Mother of Zeus; goddess of fertility.
  15. Selene (suh-LEE-nee): Goddess of the moon.

Unisex Greek mythology baby names

  1. Alexis (uh-LEK-sis): A name derived from the verb “to defend.” Various figures in mythology.
  2. Astraeus (uh-STREE-us): Titan god of dusk; could be used for either gender.
  3. Eos (EE-os): Goddess of the dawn; could work as a unisex name.
  4. Eris (AIR-iss): Goddess of discord; could be used for either gender.
  5. Oceanus (oh-SEE-uh-nus): Titan god of the outer sea; could be considered unisex.
  6. Titan (TY-tuhn): A general term for the older gods; could be used as a unisex name.

Choosing a name from Greek mythology is not just a naming exercise, but also a way to bestow upon your child a legacy filled with rich stories, meaningful roles, and divine qualities. From Olympus to lesser-known realms, these names offer a breadth of choices that are both timeless and significant.

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