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Name meaning, variations & etymology
  • Can mean kingly, little king or illustrious
  • Can mean someone with a good disposition, or who is kind
  • From the Old Irish name Rian, Riain or the Gaelic Riagháin
  • Famous for actors Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Phillippe & Ryan O’Neal; TV personality Ryan Seacrest, singer Ryan Adams, 

More history of the name Ryan

Long ago in Ireland, a famous chieftain called “Riain” was known for his benevolence and even temper. Because of this, he was known far and wide as the great chief with the “good disposition,” which is the meaning of “Riain.”

Most assuredly the name Ryan, with its meaning “good disposition” is one to be honored by all the past and future Ryans, for to have a good disposition means to be able to rise above all the petty harassments that beset us mentally and emotionally from day to day, offering a challenge and a test.

May we all learn to be like the Ryan men and women, of good disposition.

The original name of the family was O’Riain, and they are descended by way of the chief of that name, from the 2nd century AD King Cathair Mor of Ireland.

The O’Ryans held the barony of Ui Drona in County Carlow to the south of Dublin. Their beautiful coat-of-arms had three golden griffin’s heads on a scarlet shield. Their motto “Malo mori quam foedari” meant “Death rather than disgrace.”



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