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If you like the name Iris, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Irresistible Iris: From mythological roots to modern appeal

When we think about the name Iris, it’s easy to envision a blend of historical richness and contemporary charm.

This name, with roots in Greek mythology, has a meaning that is as colorful as its namesake flower — it means ‘rainbow’.

This connotation brings a sense of brightness and variety, ideal for a child who might be as vibrant and diverse in their personality.

Popularity trends of Iris

Historically, Iris has been a beloved name, though its popularity has seen various phases.

Since the early 2000s, the name Iris has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity in the United States, a trend mirrored in other English-speaking countries such as England, Ireland, and Scotland.

The name reached a notable peak in 2020, according to data from the Social Security Administration, ranking as the 127th most popular name for baby girls in the United States.

In 2023, Iris saw an even more significant rise in popularity, reaching the 56th spot.

This jump is indicative of the name’s growing appeal.

Globally, Iris maintains consistent popularity. Its widespread acceptance across different cultures and regions speaks to its versatility, making it a favored choice for parents around the world.

Celebrity connections

Several notable individuals bear this elegant name themselves.

This includes a mix of personalities from different fields, showcasing the name’s broad appeal:

  • Iris Adrian: An American actress known for her work in Hollywood.
  • Iris Apfel: An American fashion icon, renowned for her distinctive style.
  • Iris von Arnim: A German fashion designer with a notable presence in the fashion industry.
  • Iris Ashley: An Irish-born British stage and film actress.
  • Iris Apatow: An American actress and the daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.
  • Iris Bahr: An American actress, comedian, director, writer, and producer.
  • Iris Bannochie: A Barbadian horticulturist known for her contributions to the field.
  • Iris Yassmin Barrios Aguilar: A Guatemalan judge with a significant role in her country’s judiciary.
  • Iris Barry: An American film critic who made her mark in the world of cinema.
  • Iris Bell: An American psychologist and researcher in alternative medicine.
  • Iris Berben: A German actress with a substantial body of work​​.


The pronunciation of Iris is straightforward, typically pronounced as “EYE-ris”.

This clarity in pronunciation adds to its appeal, making it a great choice for those seeking a name that is both unique and easy to say.

Variations and nicknames

Iris offers a few variations that offer a unique cultural touch:

  • Irida or Iridiana – These variations are found in Italian and Spanish cultures.
  • Irisa – A slightly altered version of Iris, used in various European countries.
  • Irisz – This is a Hungarian variant of the name.
  • Iraida – A Russian variant of Iris, often used in Eastern European countries.
  • Irissa – This variation is used in French-speaking countries.

When it comes to nicknames for Iris, there are several options that parents and loved ones often use:

  • Iri (pronounced as “eye-ree”): A short and sweet version, perfect for everyday use.
  • Riri (pronounced as “ree-ree”): This playful variation adds a fun twist to the name.
  • Ira (pronounced as “eye-ra”): A simple, yet elegant nickname that’s easy to pronounce.
  • Izzy: A more energetic nickname, often used for girls with lively personalities.
  • Issy or Issie: Similar to Izzy, this variation is friendly and approachable.

These nicknames not only provide a sense of familiarity and affection but also allow for a bit of individuality within the name Iris.

Similar sounding or spelled names

For those who like the sound of Iris but are looking for alternatives, here are a few suggestions:

  • Irisa
  • Isis
  • Irisia
  • Ira
  • Isra

Origin of the name Iris

The name Iris is derived from the Greek word Ἶρις (Îris), meaning ‘rainbow’.

This name was used in Greek mythology for the goddess Iris, who was the messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow, symbolizing a bridge between heaven and earth.

The historical usage of the name Iris can be traced back to English-speaking countries in the 1500s.

Originally, it was used in reference to the Greek goddess Iris, embodying the connection between heaven and earth as symbolized by the rainbow.

The name was also associated with the colorful iris of the eye.

Beyond its mythological roots, Iris holds significant cultural significance through its connection to the natural world.

It is the name of a genus of flowering plants, renowned for their stunning and varied hues.

This botanical association beautifully aligns with the name’s meaning of rainbow.

Iris also boasts an array of global variations. Across different cultures and languages, the name has been embraced and adapted, showing its ability to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

Is Iris a good baby name for your family?

In choosing a name like Iris, parents are selecting a name that carries with it a sense of history, simplicity, and natural beauty.

It’s a name that is unlikely to be mispronounced and is distinctive without being overly common.

Iris offers a harmonious blend of historical significance, natural beauty and contemporary appeal.

It’s a choice that reflects brightness and has a timeless charm — perfect for a child who will undoubtedly bring a spectrum of joy and color to your life.



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