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If you like the name Hillary, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Say hello to Hillary: A timeless choice with modern flair

When it comes to striking a balance between classic allure and contemporary resonance, Hillary is a name worth considering. Here are details about this name’s pronunciation, historical background, popular namesakes, and some essential factors to mull over as you decide whether this name is the perfect fit for your family.

Pronunciation and basic details

The name Hillary has three syllables, and is typically pronounced as “HILL-uh-ree.” An occasional mispronunciation is “HILL-ree,” where the second syllable is either soft or omitted altogether.

The history and origin of the baby name Hillary

A name with a cheerful disposition

Hillary finds its roots in the Latin word “Hilarius,” which means “cheerful” or “joyful.” Although it started out mainly as a masculine name, it gained notable attention as a feminine name in the 20th century.

Its Latin foundation and modern adaptation

Originally, Hillary was most often used as a male name, particularly in religious and historical contexts. Today, however, it’s overwhelmingly more common as a female name. The masculine version traditionally is spelled “Hilary” with one ‘L,’ whereas the feminine version typically uses two, as in “Hillary.”

Popularity trends

The name Hillary experienced a surge in popularity during the late 20th century, particularly in the 1990s. This can likely be attributed to the visibility of Hillary Clinton, a key political figure. However, in the past 20 years, it hasn’t often appeared in the Social Security Administration’s top 100 names, giving it a unique yet recognizable quality.

Pop culture: Notable Hillarys and their influence

Public figures named Hillary

Undoubtedly, Hillary Clinton is one of the most recognized figures with this name. She has been a First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate. Besides her, there’s Hillary Scott, a member of the country music group Lady A.

Famous faces and characters named Hilary, with one L

Celebrities with the name

One of the most notable Hilarys in modern times is Hilary Duff, an actress and singer known for her roles in TV shows and movies like “Lizzie McGuire.” There’s also Hilary Swank, a two-time Academy Award-winning actress.

Characters in literature and media

The name has also been featured in literature and television. Hilary Tamar is a character in Sarah Caudwell’s series of mystery novels, while Hilary Banks is a character from the popular TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Nicknames, variations, and adaptations

Endearing nicknames

The name Hillary doesn’t usually lend itself to many nicknames, but some might use “Hil,” “Hill” or “Hilly.”

Other ways to spell Hilary

Another common spelling variation is “Hilary,” with one Ls. Otherwise, the variants of the name Hillary have different regional or linguistic backdrops, making them quite diverse:

  • Hilarie: This spelling variation is mostly seen in English-speaking countries and is a less common variant.
  • Hilaria: This is a Spanish and Latin variant of the name, notably popular in Spain and Latin American countries.
  • Ilaria: This version is Italian in origin and is relatively common in Italy.
  • Ilariana: This is an elaborated form of Ilaria and, while not extremely common, is most likely to be found in Italian-speaking communities.
  • Ylariana: This is a rare variant and its regional prevalence is not well-documented, but the “Yl-” prefix suggests it could be an attempt to make the name unique or phonetically interesting, rather than a version with a specific cultural or linguistic origin.

If you’re interested in a more culturally specific version of the name, these variants offer a fascinating array of options.

Picking Hillary: Aspects to consider

When you’re considering the name Hillary, think about how it pairs with your family’s surname or any middle names you have in mind. It often goes well with shorter middle names for a balanced flow.

Hillary and Hilary offer a blend of traditional and contemporary vibes. It’s easily recognizable, but not overwhelmingly popular, which might just make it the ideal name for your family. As you continue your naming journey, think about how Hillary fits into the broader picture, such as how it pairs with sibling names or the overall family name landscape.



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