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If you like the name Grayson, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Gallant Grayson: Blending tradition with trendiness

Whether you are drawn to its sound or cultural associations, Grayson could be a wonderful choice for your baby.

Remember, the right name can be a beautiful introduction to your child’s identity and story.

Pronunciation of the name

Pronouncing Grayson is straightforward: GRAY-sun.

It consists of two syllables, with the emphasis on the first syllable, ‘GRAY’.

It’s commonly mispronounced as ‘GRAY-son’, with equal emphasis on both syllables.

It rhymes with ‘Jason’.

Origin of the name

The name Grayson originates from an English surname. It is derived from the Old English words ‘græg‘, meaning ‘grey’, and ‘sunu‘, which translates to ‘son’.

Grayson can be interpreted as “son of the grey one” or “son of the grey-haired one”. This surname traditionally indicated the son of a person either known for their grey hair or perhaps a person with a somber or wise demeanor.

This surname-turned-first-name falls into the category of patronymic names, where the father’s given name becomes the basis for the surname of his descendants.

The transition from a surname to a first name is a relatively recent trend, reflecting a shift in naming practices towards unique and meaningful choices.

Popularity of the name

Grayson’s journey into popularity is a modern phenomenon. Its rise began in the late 20th century, with a significant surge in the 2000s.

Grayson started gaining traction as a first name in the 1980s, entering the top 1000 names in the U.S.

It broke into the top 100 by the early 21st century, and has since become a popular choice. 

Currently, Grayson consistently ranks within the top 50 names for boys in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration.

This trend suggests a growing preference for names that combine tradition and modernity.

Celebrities with the name

Grayson has been embraced by various realms of popular culture:

  • Grayson Dolan — YouTube star and comedian, known for his content on the Dolan Twins channel.
  • Grayson Perry — English contemporary artist, known for his ceramics and tapestries.
  • Grayson Allen — Professional basketball player in the NBA.
  • Grayson Chrisley — Reality TV star known from “Chrisley Knows Best“.
  • Grayson Russell — Actor known for his role in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” film series.

Nicknames and variations

Grayson offers a wealth of nicknames and variations, allowing for personalization:


  • Gray — A short and modern variant.
  • Sonny — A playful and affectionate diminutive.


  • Graysen — An alternative spelling maintaining the same pronunciation.
  • Greyson — Emphasizing the ‘e’, often seen in British English.
  • Gracen — A softer variation, blending Grayson with Grace.
  • Graydon — A variation that adds a more traditional tone.

International adaptations

  • Graison (French) — Adapting the name to French phonetics.
  • Greysen (German) — A Germanic twist on the original.
  • Graysón (Spanish) — Adding an accent to fit Spanish pronunciation.

Similar names

If you’re drawn to Grayson but considering other options, here are names with a similar vibe:

  • Mason — Shares the ‘-son’ suffix, denoting a heritage or profession.
  • Jason — A classic name with a similar sound structure.
  • Carson — Another surname-turned-first-name with the ‘-son’ ending.
  • Jameson — A blend of the traditional ‘James’ with the modern ‘-son’ suffix.
  • Garrison — A strong, surname-style name with a similar rhythm.
  • Harrison — Emphasizing heritage (‘son of Harry’), with a similar cadence.
  • Bryson — A contemporary name with the same modern appeal.
  • Payson — Less common, but shares the ending sound and modern feel.


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