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If you like the name Jade, find out the meaning, origin, nicknames, variations and other information to help you decide if you want to use this first name for your baby.
Name meaning, variations & etymology

Jade: The perfect name for your little gem

Jade, named after the precious stone, offers a blend of history and charm.

It’s a name rich in meaning and has been a popular choice for decades.

Initially a gender-neutral choice, it’s now more common for girls and gained popularity in the 1970s​​.

Popularity trends

In the United States, the popularity of Jade has seen fluctuations over the years.

As of 2022, it ranked #88 for females, indicating a consistent presence in the naming landscape.

Notably, its popularity peaked in 2002 at #86.

Internationally, Jade has enjoyed varied popularity, securing the #1 spot in France in 2022, while also being a common choice in Belgium, Canada, England and Wales, and Australia​​​​.


Jade is typically pronounced as jayd.

It is a simple, one-syllable name.

Celebrated Jades

  • Jade Thirlwall: A celebrated pop singer known for her melodious voice.
  • Jade Pettyjohn: An admired TV actress with a growing fanbase.
  • Jade Weber: A model renowned for her striking presence.
  • Jade Chynoweth: An Instagram star captivating audiences worldwide.
  • Jade Anna Van Vliet: A YouTube star creating engaging content.
  • Jade Goody: A reality star who left a lasting impact.
  • Jade Kilduff: A TikTok sensation entertaining millions.
  • Jade Cargill: A wrestler known for her athletic prowess​​.

Nicknames and variations

Jade’s versatility is reflected in its array of nicknames and variations.

Variations span across cultures and languages, such as:

  • Jayde, Jaid, Jayd, Jada, Zhade and Jadeana — These are primarily English variants.
  • Jayda — This variant has Hebrew origins​​​​.
  • Jaiden — A unisex name, Jaiden has roots in both Hebrew and American cultures​​.
  • Jadeit — A Polish variant.
  • Jeda — This variation is found in Bangla​​.​​​​
  • Giada — The Italian version of Jade.
  • Jad — This variation is a common name in Arabic-speaking countries, meaning “generous” or “kind”​​. It’s often used for boys.

Nicknames for Jade include:

  • Gia
  • Jay
  • Jadie
  • Jax
  • JD and JJ

Similar names

Some names that have a similar sound to Jade:

  • Jadra — A unique name, offering a more elaborate version of Jade.
  • Jady — This name closely resembles Jade with a slightly different ending.
  • Jael — A biblical name, known for its soft and melodic sound.
  • Jane — A classic and timeless name, known for its simplicity and elegance.
  • Jay — Shares the same initial sound as Jade, making it a familiar yet distinct choice.
  • Jude — A name of Hebrew origin, known for its strong and resonant sound.
  • Juel — A rare and distinctive name, offering a unique alternative to Jade.
  • June — A sweet and vintage name, often associated with the warm month of summer.

Alternate names related to precious stones:

  • Amber
  • Amethyst
  • Coral
  • Emerald
  • Jewel
  • Onyx
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire​​​​

Origin of Jade

The name Jade originates from the Spanish word “ijada”, the French “l’ejade”, and ultimately the Latin “ilia”, meaning “flank” or “loin”.

The word comes from the Spanish phrase “piedra de la ijada”, translating to “stone of the bowels”.

According to ancient beliefs, placing jade on a baby’s stomach could cure colic.

In Chinese mythology, Jade symbolizes the essence of the moon and the sun, representing good fortune, prosperity and harmony.

In the Chinese language, it’s known as “yu”, signifying beauty, purity, grace, strength and nobility​​.

In ancient Chinese dynasties, Jade was a symbol of heaven and earth, embodying spiritual and physical harmony.

It represented power, wealth and immortality, with emperors and nobles wearing Jade ornaments for longevity and good fortune.

Its healing properties were recognized in traditional Chinese medicine, and it featured prominently in art and mythology​​.

The Aztecs and Mayans revered Jade as the “stone of heaven”.

It was believed to facilitate communication with gods and provide protection against evil spirits.

Jade artifacts were used in religious ceremonies and adorned by the elite​​.

Is the name Jade right for your family?

Jade is a timeless choice, reflecting simplicity and elegance.

It offers versatility with various nicknames and variations, adaptable to different personalities.

The name enjoys international popularity, suitable for parents seeking a globally recognized name.

Its simple spelling and pronunciation make it easily memorable and pronounceable.

While initially unisex, Jade is now predominantly used for females, a trend to consider if choosing for a male child.

The most important factor is how the name resonates with you and aligns with your family’s values.



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