Top baby names in Germany

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Today’s German baby names

The land of beer, bratwurst, and BMWs — Germany also gives us over 600,000 babies a year. Whether your roots are in the Vaterland or you’re just looking for a unique name for your new junge (boy) or mädchen (girl), you’re sure to find at least one that catches your fancy in the top 10 list of German baby names from 2010. From standards like Max and Anna to Luca and Leonie, there are names suited to a variety of tastes!

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Top baby names from Germany

German girls 1-10 German boys 1-10
  1. Mia
  2. Hannah (Hanna)
  3. Lena
  4. Lea (Leah)
  5. Emma
  6. Anna
  7. Leonie (Leoni)
  8. Lilli (Lilly, Lili)
  9. Emilie (Emily)
  10. Lina
  1. Leon
  2. Lucas (Lukas)
  3. Ben
  4. Finn (Fynn)
  5. Jonas
  6. Paul
  7. Luis (Louis)
  8. Maximilian
  9. Luca (Luka)
  10. Felix

Source: Die 500 beliebtesten Vornamen des Jahres 2010, Germany – 2010