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8 ways to share the news online

8 ways to share the news online

8 ways to share the news online
Tell the world via the web
You have big news — and you want to share! Here are eight smart and savvy ways you can use the power of the web to get the word out about your impending arrival.

1. Make a page
Create a website, blog or Facebook page for your baby, and send the link to your friends and family. (If the web domain gives the secret away, send instead an encoded link using a tool like bitly.com or is.gd.) When they open the page, they will get the news… which ever way you want to spill it. (Maybe use one of the ideas below!)

2. Style a cover
Create a faux magazine cover with the happy news. Check out sites like Fakeazine and MagCover.com to see cover templates they have to offer. If you’d like a fake newspaper headline instead, take a look here.

3. Picture it
Share the news with a picture on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account! It could be a photo of the positive pregnancy test, a pic of your hands on your belly, the ultrasound, you holding up a sign saying, “BABY” with a big arrow… anything that can easily be represented visually (and, ideally, will be visible even in a tiny thumbnail-sized profile pic).

4. Video yourself
Make a video — doesn’t have to be long or professionally-executed — short, sweet, and showcasing the real you are the only guidelines you need! You can upload it to YouTube (whether or not you want it private or visible in search is up to you) — and, like above, just send out the link and let people be surprised!

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5. Webcam by proxy
Don’t have a video camera or webcam, or are just camera-shy? Make a video instead with animated characters of your choosing (and dialogue you write) at XtraNormal.com. (See how we used that same kind of video technology here!)

6. Be a fashion designer
Visit one of several different websites to have a custom t-shirt made for you, for the big brother or big sister, your pet or the grandma-to-be! Having pro-quality t-shirts made has never been easier — and at our FindersFree.com site, we have some tips for you on how to get started!

7. Send a coded message
A QR code is the kind of 2D barcode you have probably seen on everything from product ads to store displays. The idea is that you use your smartphone to “read” the code — and will find that it could contain an email link, a contest offering, a text message or something else. They’re cool and inspire curiosity… and you can make one quite easily to share the great news. Here are some tips on creating your own QR codes!

8. Here’s my card
Send out a cute e-greeting card with your baby-on-the-way announcement! A few places still offer high-quality ecards for free, while others charge a nominal membership fee. We suggest checking out Punchbowl, Hallmark and JibJab.

And more…
Have other ways to use the web to announce that a baby’s on the way, or has just been born? Please share them in the comments section below!

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