Star Trek-inspired baby names

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by Andy Warycka

To boldly name… what no one has named before?

So, you’re a geek. That’s okay, so am I — that’s why I’m writing this. So, you’re enough of a geek that you love Star Trek so much that you’d consider naming your child after someone or something from the show. Awesome.

I’ll spare you casually listing off the first name of every character with a “normal” name, because it’s not like no one has thought of naming their kid James before — but James Tiberius (or just Tiberius, for that matter) is far more interesting, and will absolutely get your point across. (Baby James Tiberius Kirk, in fact, is pictured above — as seen in JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek movie.)

You have the name, Number One

Of course, if you live in an English-speaking region, Jean-Luc is a nice choice, and will stand out without being blindingly obvious that mom and dad are complete nerds. If you’re slightly more daring, why not try using a last name instead? Picard or Riker would certainly make for good, interesting boy names. There’s a limit to what works here, however. For example, you may wish to avoid naming your son Crusher, unless you plan on him becoming a professional wrestler.

Infinite diversity in infinite names

AndorianFor the more adventurous, you could consider the gamut of Vulcan names such as Spock, Sarek, T’Pau (where do you think the band got the name, hmm?), or T’Pol.

I suppose if you’re a fan of the Klingons, you could go that route as well — but personally I don’t think I’d name my son or daughter anything that sounds like my cat being sick on the living room floor. (And unless you want to give your child a life of computer record hassles — meaning everything from his driver’s license to his direct-deposit — there’s one more name we definitely can’t recommend: Data.)


There is nothing restricting you to using just character names. You can go with Vulcan (also, of course, the Roman god of the forge), or perhaps Andor or Andoria, if you’re a fan of the blue guys with the funny antennae.

Need more inspiration? Check out this list of 70-odd names inspired by the five different Star Trek series… and if you want yet more, head on over to Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki, and get click-happy.

Truly, one can run wild with a Star Trek-themed name, as there are over 35 years’ worth of work to choose one from. As such, this can only be an extremely partial list, intended to get your creative naming juices flowing. In no time you’ll have that perfectly geeky name for your little one.

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