Why we chose the baby name Asher

Baby name story: Asher

For the past decade, the name Asher has been steadily rising in the name popularity ranks — and if it keeps on going like it has been, might even crack the top 100 in a couple years. So why did Minsun, a mom in Southern California, choose Asher as the name for her second son? She tells you here!

Choosing the name Asher

Why we chose the baby name AsherHow did you come up with this baby name?

My husband Teddy always liked the sound of Asher. It’s a common part of many Jewish prayers because it means “blessed” and/or “happy” in Hebrew. It’s part of the prayer when we light the Chanukkah candles.

But it’s pronounced “Ahhshare” in Hebrew. However, we say it “Ash-er” like most people in the US.

Did you have any particular naming guidelines in mind?

Not longer than two syllables, yet not too trendy or popular.

When did you decide on a name?


I don’t think we were fixed on Asher until he was born.

When did you tell people the name you had chosen?

Not till we had to — at birth.

How did people react to the name?

Very positively, overall. We get tons of compliments from strangers like “Oooh, love that name!” or “Great name, I don’t know any other Ashers!”

Do you think the name suits your child now?

It fits him perfectly because the name means “happy” and “blessing.” He was born a year after I had a devastating pregnancy loss and from the second he was born, it was clear he had one mission: to make me (and everyone around him) smile and laugh all day, every day.

Would you recommend this name? The three best things about this name?

I would recommend this name because it’s a fusion of Old Testament tradition with a fresh, youthful sound. The cute nickname Ash is adorable, and for Pokemon fans, reminiscent of Ash Ketchum.

Lastly, it rhymes with sooo much. I call him: Asher Basher, Asher Flasher, Asher Dasher or Dash for short, Asher Mustacher (when he makes a milk mustache), the possibilities are endless!

Any downsides or other issues?

It rhymes with so much that you can come up with endless nicknames and endless torment. Maybe it’s because my son is only 5 right now, or his friends aren’t particularly creative, but he hasn’t been teased yet by anybody other than his parents and brother.


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